Exclusive Interview with the Stafford Brothers
Chris and Matt talk to Joonbug about working with Cash Money, their move from Australia to L.A., and what else they're involved with outside of music

Chris and Matt Stafford form the hot DJ and producer duo, the Stafford Brothers.  Originally from Australia, these two have made their way to L.A. to continue showing the world the big things they’re capable of.  As the first DJs to be signed to Cash Money, they have shown their ability to work with a diverse range of artists.  In their most recent single “Hello,” they had the chance to work with Lil Wayne and Christina Milian.  I had the chance to talk to the brothers while in Vegas for EDC Week.  Whether it be their wild performances, reality TV show, their thriving businesses, or their charm, these brothers are taking over EDM. 

You guys are the first EDM signing for Cash Money Records. How has that experience been?

C: It’s been great!  You know what I mean?  Obviously the artists that are involved with Cash Money are some of the biggest in the world.  Our whole intention when we came from Australia to America was to work with these big artists, these big rappers, and pop stars.  Being with the Cash Money group, we’ve been able to work with them. 

M:  Lil Wayne and Christina Milian on the first record we did with them.

What’s your favorite remix of that?

C:  I really like the Dannic remix.  We actually did a bootleg of the Dannic, and it goes into the MOTi remix.  So it goes into trap, then back to Dannic. 

M:  That’s what we play [laughs].

C:  I like the Will Sparks one.  MOTi was #1 on Beatport for hip-hop.  It’s good.  They’re all great, all 20,000 of them [laughs].  How many do we have?  19.

Outside of music, what are you guys involved with?

M:  We have a clothing label, we have nightclubs in Australia, and we have an agency in Australia.  So, we have quite a diverse range of businesses as well.

You guys are businessmen, as well as DJs and producers.

M: Absolutely!  Being a DJ is a business as well though.

A lot of people have this common misconception that all DJs do is party, while really it’s hard work, and it’s something they have to take seriously.

M:  Oh we do that too [laughs].

C:  It’s something you have to be professional about, though we definitely party though.  You will see tonight [laughs].  It’s sort of like, the weekend is when you do your shows, but that’s also time to have some fun because the rest of the time you’re working in the studio, you’re handling something you know?  The weekends are the time to let loose.  You have to work, but we’re also going to have a good time.

What projects are you working on right now?

M:  We have a single coming out called “Hands Up” with Lil John actually about to drop in the next few weeks.  We’re figuring out the details for that.  It’s actually the Future Music Festival Anthem.  Future Music Festival is in Australia.  We have a video clip for that that was filmed at the festival.  That’s our next little single.  We have a lot of work with these guys called The Runners.

C:  We have a lot of good stuff banked up ready to drop.

M:  We have a lot about to drop musically.  We’re back in Australia for a few weeks, and then we’re back in America and Europe for the summer.

How has the move from Australia to L.A. been?

C:  I think we’ve adapted very well.  I love it.

M:  It’s been a very positive thing.  It’s not like we’ve moved there and we’re not enjoying it.  I’ve moved there and said, “I don’t want to go home.”

L.A. is definitely different from Australia.

M:  Totally!  We love outdoors and all that.  Where we live, it’s 100 meters to the beach.  It’s an hour to the beach from where we are. 

That’s including traffic right?

C:  [laughs] Yeah, including traffic.  That’s the only difference though, a lot of heavy traffic.  Also you can go snowboarding.  We love snowboarding.  It’s just all there, and all the people are there as well.  All the artists we want to work with, so it’s been an eye opening experience for us. 

M:  America is a totally diverse country.  We’ve been traveling a lot and doing all these small towns as well. 

C:  “Do we need jacket this week?”  It’s -2 [degrees] over there [laughs]. 

M:  Every day is new for us.  We’ve been to Vegas a few times, and it’s starting to get where I really like coming here.  I actually get excited. 

What have you guys prepared for your set tonight?

M:  We don’t really prepare.  We really don’t [laughs]. 

C:  We just feel it out most of the time.

M:  We used to play commercial rooms, and we used to DJ to a smaller crowd.  I feel these days artists have a set, and they come up and play it.  We feel if something’s not vibing, you need to bring something new in.  We don’t have a bank of tracks we have to play.  I definitely don’t plan.  I can tell you I have an opening thing, and then it goes from there.

C:  Last time we played, we played the main set at Light.  Tonight we’re playing at a later time, at 3 in the morning.  So it’s totally different.  If we did the warm-up, it would have been totally different as well. 

M:  Yeah, we don’t really plan it.  We just go in there and say ok.  If it has a good vibe, it’s good.

Tell me about your Light group residency.

M:  For us, when we came to LA, we wanted to do a Vegas residency.  We did do a couple of shows for Marquee last year, but the Light thing is a proper residency.  We’re playing every month, and we’re also doing the Daylight stuff.  We’re going to do Eclipse.  For us, being in L.A. too is so close.  Vegas is just…I love it.

C:  It’s happening as well for EDM

M:  The club is also one of the best clubs I’ve been too, and we’ve traveled the world.  For us, it used to be, “I’m the DJ, look at us.”  Here it’s a whole show, a whole experience.  That’s what I’ve been telling people.  Come here and see it because it’s unlike anything you’ve ever seen before.

C:  It really is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before.

What is your opinion on the current status of EDM?

M:  It’s definitely growing.  Some people are saying the bubble has burst. 

C:  In Australia we’ve had EDM for a long time.  People are wearing floral at festivals, all that sort of stuff.  We used to see that 10 years ago.  All these little things that we’ve seen from previous years back home are happening over here

M:  I think it’s growing faster here.

C:  For sure!  It hasn’t spread everywhere.  It’s not on the radio everywhere. 

M:  It’s still not the main sound.  If you come to Vegas, the big acts are those DJs.  There is still a long way to go though.

C:  You hear it in L.A. and it’s popular here.  When you’re in somewhere like North Dakota and it’s the main thing, that’s when the bubble is about to burst.

What’s the best advice you guys have ever been given?

M:  Work hard, have fun. 

C:  Green light, green light.

M:  Just got for it. 

C:  Our dad has been supportive our whole life.  He always says, “Boys, you’ve got the green light.  You can do what you want, so go.”

M:  Our other one is “sleep when you’re dead.”

C: We’re not dead yet, so we’re just going to keep going.

Check out the video for "Hello" ft. Lil Wayne and Christina Milian below!