It's All About the Jumping
Review of Chuckie at Governors Island 7/4

I have to admit, America is a pretty prideful nation and each year, Americans all over the country approach this day full-force. We take Independence Day very seriously, and this is probably the only day of the year where wearing “Murica” hats is somewhat tolerable. Some chose to celebrate with friends and family at home, grilling patties on the BBQ and popping open a Budweiser…or two, or five. Others chose to go bar hopping in the city or snag some great deals in commemoration of America’s 237th birthday. As for the rest of us, fans traveled far and wide to celebrate the 4th of July on Governors Island with one of our favorite live performers out there, (DJ) Chuckie.

Remember earlier when I mentioned how big of a deal the 4th of July is to us? I really wasn’t kidding. It would have been one thing if a few people had brought little handheld American flags, but we are infamous for always taking things to the next level. Use your imagination a little and think more in terms of people that wrapped the star spangled banner around their shoulders like a cape, girls that wore (barely there) bikinis designed like the American flag, and diehards that painted their entire bodies in red, white and blue. Let’s just say that there were a handful of girls that either don’t own clothes, or fail to understand the concept of dressing somewhat appropriately, but no doubt, the guys loved it. Others wore “It’s All About the Jumping” or Dirty Dutch tees. However, by far, the best outfit I saw that night was a dude in his early 20’s in an American flag onesie. I couldn’t decide if it was cool or weird, maybe a little bit of both; regardless, he was dancing more intensely than anyone I’d seen that night. Doesn’t it get hot wearing a onesie for eight or so hours in the sweltering heat? And I was concerned about bringing a sweater…what a winner. Props to him.

On to more exciting topics, Chuckie tweeted 2 days before his set, “I just made my '4th of July' intro! Gonna sound awesome at Governors Island! And now it’s really time for some rest!” He opened his set with Bruce Springsteen’s “Born in the U.S.A,” and Deadmau5’s “The Veldt”—quite fitting. In front of him were two dancers on stage wearing red bras and white thigh-high boots doing all sorts of crazy dance moves. A few minutes later, a girl in a black leotard started raising herself in the air right in the middle of the crowd, hanging onto two pink curtains hanging from the tent. The performance was very Cirque du Soleil in nature, and it added a more dramatic effect to the show.

It is clear that Chuckie has a deep appreciation for old school tracks, which showed in his mashup of Daft Punk’sAround the World” and Deadmau5 and Wolfgang Gartner’s “Animal Rights.” At that moment, a red white and blue beach ball was tossed among the crowd and shortly thereafter, he played Duck Sauce’s “Barbara Streisand." We haven't heard this classic in years. 

The show was so fun because Chuckie never fails to implement hip-hop into his shows. We all know that for him, it’s all about the jumping. Naturally, he closed his set with “Who is Ready to Jump” and “Make Some Noise,” but he definitely caught us off guard in using Kriss Kross’s “Jump” as the drop. Walking to the foot of the stage, he took a bow, made a handheart and threw his hat into the masses.

A second time, he ran to the front of the stage, looking as though he was having the time of his life, and threw another of his hats into the crowd. Not to mention the lucky fans in the front who got a champagne shower by Gregori Klosman. Looking back, the swarm of moving bodies went down the island for what seemed like miles. “Packed” doesn’t do the venue any justice. A more appropriate way to describe the event is to refer to it as an enjoyable sh*tshow, because just as we take 4th of July seriously, Chuckie also takes each of his shows to heart.

Ultimately, what’s great about Chuckie as a DJ, is that he uses a lot of “mainstream” songs but often adds his own electro/dutch-house touch to make them his own. Although this wasn’t the most traditional way of celebrating Independence Day, I can promise that seeing him spin for a solid three hours was well worth the time, and the money. As the crowd waited for the drop to Showtek’sCannonball,” it chanted in unison, “USA! USA! USA!” Boy, are we proud to be Americans.

It's not too late to get your tickets for Gareth Emery on 7/6 and Dirty South on 7/7. If you missed out on Chuckie, be sure to get in on the shenanigans at Governors Island for the rest of the 4th of July weekend!