New York Becomes the City of Dreams
Review of Dirty South at Governors Island 7/7

Almost a full 365 days since its release and still going strong, Dirty South and Alesso’s single, “City of Dreams,” may never get old. It was at about this same time that Dirty South announced his largest North American tour to date, the City of Dreams Tour. Visiting over 30 cities across America from the end of August until November 2012, Dragan took this immense opportunity to brand his name. Both old and new fans hopped onto the “City of Dreams” train and ever since then, we haven’t been able to get those delicious lyrics out of our heads. The two verses are very simple:

Everything seems like a city of dreams,

I never know why,

But I still miss you. 

There she's standing in a field of lights,

I close my eyes,

And I still miss you. 

Add in Ruben Haze’s enticing vocals, big progressive house drops, heavy beats, and these lyrics are no longer just words on a screen. Now, they are brought to life.

There are few occasions where we attend a show expecting a track to be played, and are actually excited to hear it. We all knew that Dirty South would open with that same, extended intro of “City of Dreams” that he’s been using for all of his shows. Naturally, everyone went wild and immediately began singing. In fact, you could barely see anyone’s face, as there were so many Dirty South ‘d’ logos being waved in the air. The same guy who we saw two days prior wearing fairy wings made his second appearance on stage, this time wearing a blue dress inscribed with “Dirty South” in glittering, gold letters. Wearing a blue Mohawk with a braid going all the way down his back, he made quite a scene. Meanwhile, performers in neon orange and green body suits and masks were on the sides of the stage waving giant, orange streamers in the air. Residual red, white, and blue balloons from the previous night’s festivities showered onto the crowd. 

Dirty South tends to play many of his own productions during his set, so of course we heard older tracks like “Phazing” and his remix of “Sweet Disposition.” He also dropped some tracks from his latest album, Speed of Life — “Your Heart” and “Until the End,” both featuring vocals from Joe Gil. Another set of performers then entered the stage in black and white checkered costumes and white masks. Blowing up an enormous white balloon, one of the performers put his head inside of it, and bobbed it up and down like a bobble head toy.

When he yelled, “New York, are you ready for it?!” we knew that sh*t was about to get real. Alesso’s remix of “If I Lose Myself” has blown up within the last few months, and when he started playing it, the masses cheered. The fog machine was perfectly timed to go off at the drop, and the entire crowd jumped and screamed in harmony. 

If there wasn’t enough going on already, a performer in a gold body suit squeezed himself into an inflatable ball and rolled off the stage, onto the crowd. In a sense it was like watching a hamster roll around helplessly in a ball, but this was so much more fascinating because this guy’s costume had strobe lights attached to it. Not to mention he was literally rolling around on top of people.

Closing out his set, Dirty South received an encore — “One more song!” — over and over. Returning to the stage, he dropped Jacques Lu Cont’s remix of “City of Dreams.” Watching him in awe, there wasn’t a better way to end the four-day extended 4th of July weekend on Governors Island than with Dirty South.