Gramatik Drops 2nd Single, 'You Don't Understand'
The Master of Funk is back.

The Master of Funk is back with his eccentric beats that blend the sexiest sounds of electronic, jazz and funk. The result: an undeniable impulse to headbob, quite aggressively. It’s vibing music. Gramatik’s sound is exactly where the dubstep/EDM genre should be heading. 

He's done it again. The Slovenian Brooklyn-based DJ has released the second single, 'You Don't Understand' off of "Age of Reason."  Check it out here:

If you're not familiar with Gramatik, here's some of his older stuff you should definitely check out:

Gramatik is signed to Pretty Lights Music, a label that bases its formation off of giving all their music away for free. You can download all of his music here.