Watch: Avicii's Official Video For 'Wake Me Up'
Avicii releases the official music video for his latest single 'Wake Me Up'

Although it initially received mixed reactions, Avicii’s ‘Wake Me Up’ has had overwhelming support from fans and artists everywhere.  Avicii’s musical talent and creativity makes this one of the most original tracks of 2013, and the profound lyrics are ones that many listeners can truly appreciate.  The highly anticipated official music video could not portray this sensation any better! The video tells the story of two girls stuck in a town where they are seen as outcasts and surrounded by rejection.  One day, they find themselves being welcomed with open arms by people just like them. From here, the video takes us down memory lane with some footage from Avicii's performance at Ultra Music Festival 2013, where he first performed 'Wake Me Up'.  This story serves as a metaphor, playing to  many people of our generation; ‘Wake Me Up’ is a symbol of the hope that many of us have for finding ourselves and discovering our place in this world.