Deadmau5 Announces New Tour in 2014
...And the stage setup wil be bigger and better than ever before

It’s been two years since Deadmau5 launched his last North American tour, ‘Meowingtons Hax Tour.’ We saw him way back when at The Fillmore in Silver Spring, MD, shortly after the venue had opened. Over the years, Joel Zimmerman has been notorious for being extremely opinionated on the dance music scene; in fact, he is quite an opinionated individual in general. Not to say that this is a bad thing, because we love seeing artists who care enough to speak their minds. However, when it comes to Deadmau5, there’s always something to read about because there is never a dull moment in Joel’s life. This year alone, he broke off his engagement with tattoo artist Kat von D, left Ultra Records for Capitol Music Group, and most recently, got into a Twitter argument with Afrojack over the meaning of “good” music. But lately, he’s also been uploading tons of new music to his Soundcloud. Some of his newest previews include “Going Nowhere Fast,” “Nowhere Fast 02,” “Suite 02,” and “Suite 04b,” just to name a few. Naturally, this rapid uploading process only left fans wondering when he would he would embark on his next tour to perform all of this new music, live.

The answer is in 2014. Joel spoke with The Toronto Star the other day: “I’m building a new tour,” confirms Zimmerman. “For much later, 2014. And of course it will have to manage to trump the ‘Cube’ show. I could absolutely just slap the Cube back together and ball it up, but I’m in that mentality where I want to keep one-upping the show. So obviously, the bigger the production, the more time you have to sit down with the team and iron it all out technically and financially and all these kinda things. So it’s, like, a ‘lay low, make some new music and do your residency to pay the hydro bills’ kinda thing.”

Aside from constantly producing new music, Zimmerman’s next project is to improve from the Rubik’s Cube setup he brought on tour with him throughout 2011 and 2012. His live performances will likely surpass the avant-garde "mau5bots" that he introduced at Hakkasan Las Vegas this past June. Sure, he could whip out the old cube, slap on a new name for his 2014 tour, showcase his newest tracks, and call it a day. But that wouldn’t be characteristic of Deadmau5, as he is always searching for ways to be bigger and better than he was yesterday. Joel is one of the most influential artists in electronic dance music, and he knows it. Which is probably part of the reason why he persistently seeks to progress and live up to his legendary name.