CFCF- 'Jump Out Of the Train'
CFCF releases first single 'Jump Out Of the Train' off of second LP 'Outside'

At the beginning of July, Montreal electronic producer CFCF released Music For Objects, an EP that is solely inspired by the organic sounds of inanimate objects.

CFCF accomplishes something that most musicians are too scared to even try: by titling each song after an object, he sets an expectation for his music that spirals beyond his control. The mirroring sounds are supposed to reflect the essence each inanimate object. This invites the listener to delve into their own imagination by forcing an personal expectation for the true sounds of these objects. This act both connects the listener and the musician while also acknowledging the divergence of creative thought. As the listener, you are forced to judge his interpretation of these objects. He is completely successful in this difficult endeavor as the EP is collective of intertwining sounds that attains an intriguingly complex pattern while simultaneously reflecting complete simplicity.

After such an explosion of new sounds, you’d think this guy would want a little bit of a break.

Nope. Mike Silver (CFCF) will not stop. Yesterday, he released the single ‘Jump Off the Train’, off of his now highly-anticipated LP ‘Outside’ (set to release this October).

He has the most amazing way of contradicting two very different types of emotion. It attains an eeriness by settling in comfort. His long-drawn out vocals layer an expansive set of instrumentals. It’s periodic without being predictable. It drifts motionless through space while simultaneously expanding its own sound. It leads up to the exact inevitability it denies.

Check it out here. 

Here's some stuff off of Music For Objects:

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