Sweet, Sexy, Energetic House
EDX on his successes, stepping outside his comfort zone, and plans for the futurs

On Friday, July 26th, EDX threw down at Pacha and we had the opportunity of talking to him minutes before his set. Most recently, he has released his newest track, 'Hazed,' which made it to the Beatport Top 100 and Top 20. You can also catch his remix of 'Beachball' here. And lastly - if you haven't heard, EDX is will name a winner for a contest they are holding, who will  get to travel to Ibiza, and spend some time with the Switzerland-based DJ before he opens for Avicii. All you have to do is bust out your creativity, and produce a 60-second video explaining why you are EDX's number one fan. Read Billboard's writeup of the contest for more details. 

We wanted to know a little bit more about the music he produces, who he's listening to right now, and what we can expect in the future. Read on to see what EDX had to say!

So far, what has been the most interesting video entry you’ve received for your #NoXcusesJet contest?

I only saw the first one. I want to check them all at once on Sunday to get a perfect picture of it, but I am really happy about entries coming in from all over the world.

What have you found to be your greatest success to date?

To be able to travel the world based on music success is definitely one of the greatest benefits someone like me can have. It's just an amazing experience to be able to see so many places and meet music-minded people all over the world.

Dancing Astronaut once described your sound as “sweet, sexy, energetic house music.” Do you concur, or would you portray your music differently?

I believe this is definitely the motto I try to force on myself in 2013. Be different, be unique.

Recently R3hab produced an amazing trap remix of Calvin Harris’ ‘I Need Your Love.’ If you were to step outside your comfort zone and produce a track, what genre would you choose and why?

I’m always trying to somehow step out of my comfort zone when it comes to remixes. In 2012, I tried out a lot of different directions, which I personally like. Maybe sooner or later I will try to work on some more house-ier beats because I sometimes miss the soulful vibe in today’s music…The remix I did for Calvin Harris gave me that feel due to the amazing vocal.

Are there any artists or tracks you are currently listening to that you can’t get enough of?

At the moment I really like Morten Breum's “Look Closer”. This will be one of my all-time favorite Summer choons!!! Great vibe!

What was it like collaborating with huge DJs like Kaskade, and how did you connect with him to begin with?

Kaskade is a very musical dude. I really like his approach to music. We’ve worked together since “Angel On My Shoulder” back in 2008, but it's been awhile since “Don't Stop Dancing,” so maybe we should link up again and work on some new magic together.

How do the crowd’s expectations of your sets differ in Europe from in New York?

It's interesting. Due to the EDM boom in the USA, I feel like the genres came together to form one big genre. On Islands like Ibiza, I play a more balearic club sound - less noisy compared to the sound I play at bigger venues or festivals in NY. I feel like in NY and Europe, all they wanna hear is  the EDX vibe/sound.

After releasing "On the Edge" in January 2012, are you planning on coming out with a new album anytime soon?

I don't know yet. It was a great experience. We still are looking into releasing a 2013 remix version of On The Edge, and maybe 2014 will be the perfect moment to come up with some newer music to put into an album. Who knows… I never know… It's music and I just follow my way.