Watch: Volcano Choir Releases 'Repave' Documentary
Get ready to fall back in love with Justin Vernon

In 2009, Justin Vernon of Bon Iver joined forces with members of Collections of Colonies of Bees in a musical project titled Volcano Choir. They released an album titled Unmap LP. The album was confusing:  the uncanny amount of energy and talent was obvious, but what was lacking was a sense of direction. The album seemed more of an exploration of sound than a solidified one.

On September 3rd, Volcano Choir will release their second LP Repave. The group has just posted a 10-minute  documentary  directed by Dan Huiting about how Repave came together.

Unmap was just the beginning of the journey for Volcano Choir. And they only realized the potential of the band after touring in Japan, “I was kind of expecting a tame crowd but then there was this energy. I just felt like I was in a rock band for the first time.’ Vernon says. ‘Then we played a couple of shows in the states. Even those six shows told us everything about what we could be.”

After the Japan tour, they decided to reunite in the hope of paving a new path for their collaboration. 

Justin Vernon puts the meaning of this album perfectly, “Knowing that you have to change if you're having a tough time in your life or you're just hitting walls constantly. Or you keep having bold spiritual questions that you can't answer. It's usually because there isn't a path for you, you're not on that path."

This video gorgeously paints the unison of musicians as less of a project and more of a beautiful collaboration of friends and artists. Not only is the video artfully directed, but it also gives us a peek of the musical genius of Volcano Choir, as a whole. They’ve redefined the meaning of an artistic collaboration. Embedded in their sound is that unforgettable energy. An energy that can and will consume you whole.

Watch Below:

This is the first single 'Byegone' from Repave 

You can officially pre-order Volcano Choir’s new album, Repave, today. Pre-order the new album from Amazon, on iTunes, and direct from Jagjaguwar