Motorola's Moto X Has Finally Arrived
Review of Moto X Launch Party at the Waterfront

Despite the unfortunate rainy weather that flooded the streets of New York, The Waterfront radiated a warm, purple glow through its glass doors. It was inviting, and enticing. Walking inside the venue, on our immediate right was a Motorola backdrop where celebrities such as M4SONIC, Zosia Mamet (Girls), Lucy Punch (Bad Teacher), Common (rapper), and Chace Crawford (Gossip Girl), were photographed. And of course, Kaskade, who provided the beats for the evening, was there as well. There also was some spectacular street art by Thank You X, whose edgy work was displayed on the wall to thank everyone for attending the invite-only Moto X launch party on Thursday, August 1st. If you didn’t already know, Motorola, a Google company, will soon be coming out with its newest phone, Moto X. With a 4.7-inch screen size, a promised 24-hour battery life, and color choices such as pink, blue, red, and yellow, this is the first Smartphone to be assembled in the US.

Walking up the staircase we were immediately presented with a delicious array of spiked pushpops. Flavors included Cucumber-Tarragon with Gin, Peach-Prosecco with Raspberries, and Watermelon-Basil with Vodka. Mouthwatering, right? That’s exactly how I felt when I couldn’t decide which one to take, but ultimately went with the Peach-Prosecco. No regrets; this was a cute idea to get the night started and they played off the flavors extremely well.

The Waterfront itself was lit up nicely by multicolored LED lights on the floor and by spotlights on the walls. Walking around were servers handing out upscale hors d’oeuvres, such as mini crab cakes, sliders, lobster rolls, and tuna tartare. Later on, desserts passed around included berry cream-filled pretzel gems and mini honey ice cream cones. The music ranged from Top 40’s to dance music, with mashups from the likes of Hardwell, BT, and Tiesto. And if being handed alcohol-infused pushpops wasn’t enough, there was also an open bar all night. Whatever you wanted, the bartenders made sure to take care of you. They even concocted us special drinks on request, which made the experience far more personal.

One of the smaller rooms of the venue contained a seating area where guests could lounge around and actually maneuver the Moto X phone. Motorola employees walking around in green tee shirts walked around the venue answering any questions guests might have had, and explained the dynamics of the phone. We sat inside for a little until 10:30, when Kaskade finally arrived on stage.

We expected him to open with his latest hit, “Atmosphere,” and proceed to shift to a deep house set reminiscent of his ‘It’s You, It’s Me’ Redux Tour. In the beginning he dropped his remix of Lana Del Ray’s “Young & Beautiful” and a mashup of Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky” and Tube & Berger & Nice7’s “Surfing.” As predicted, he turned to more deep house sounds for the rest of the evening. For the Kaskade fans in attendance, this was a great opportunity to see him play live. Fourteen Motorola promo girls in blue, yellow, hot pink and purple wigs danced above the crowd. The setting was intimate, as many of the guests either mingled in the front, chilled in the VIP area, or educated themselves on the Moto X phone. We were so close to Kaskade we could almost touch him, which never happens because he nearly always sells out his shows. He really took to his roots and brought back the deep house and lounge-type music that he used to produce so many years ago. For a crowd that was mainly unfamiliar with him, they seemed to enjoy his set while flailing around their styrofoam light sabers, which were also complimentary.

We had a great time at Motorola’s product launch party on Thursday, and if you weren’t there, you missed out on being in the same building as Nate Archibald, Shoshanna Shapiro, and Kaskade, simultaneously. Gossip Girl meets Girls meets dance music—a pretty rare occurrence if you ask us.