Watch: Major Lazer Receives The Honor Of Partaking In The Most Awkward Interview Ever
It really was that bad. Really.


The interview was doomed from the beginning. “Diplo has landed. Along with the other two people that make up Major Lazer,” Kennedy began in her poor excuse for an “interview” with the group. She clearly had no idea that Diplo is Major Lazer (and the sole executive producer of the project), while Jillionaire and Walshy Fire are simply the co-stars of the group, aiding with  production and live shows.

Not only is Kennedy’s laugh irritating, but the way she presents herself throughout the interview is completely unprofessional, and not in an endearing way. Within the first minute and a half she manages to call Diplo a “mothertrucker,” and then mocks him by saying, “I’m a DJ, cuttin’ and scratchin’, what what?! That’s what I do!” .....Uh, okay.

We had a really hard time trying to figure out what the funniest part of the video was, because in all honesty, the whole thing was so awful we were tempted to throw our keyboards at a wall. Kennedy dropped the F-bomb a few times, asked Diplo if he’s ever texted dirty pictures, and for some reason, kept making fun of dance music in the most ill-mannered way possible.

Maybe the best part was when she asked, “Who’s the most annoying person that you’ve worked with in the last two years?” Looking away, and without any hesitation whatsoever, Diplo’s response was, “probably you.” Accurate. Rather than taking the hint, Kennedy cackled like a hyena and said, “I can have you smothered with a pillow in like 14 seconds.” 

Actually, I lied. The best part was when Kennedy asked, “Alright, so, what do you want to say? Last words.” Diplo tersely responded, “bye,” laughed, and awkwardly left the interview in silence with his crew. It’s difficult to say whether Kennedy is dumb and incompetent, or if she’s brilliant for making us laugh so hard at her ignorant demeanor. Why don't you be the judge?