Lange Talks to Joonbug About Mixing Trance Nation
Ministry of Sound presents Trance Nation, Mixed by Lange

Ministry of Sound recently released the highly anticipated Trance Nation album, mixed by the father of trance himself, Lange.  Between this and the release of his third artist album at the end of this year, the DJ and producer is staying very busy. Lange took some time to fill us in on the mixing of Trance Nation and the exciting year ahead.

What was your reaction when first presented with the opportunity to mix Trance Nation for Ministry of Sound?

I was very excited when Ministry of Sound invited me to mix the album. It's a legendary compilation series and has been on my radar for a while.  It's an honor to join the ranks of previous artists who've mixed the comp such as Ferry Corsten, Above & Beyond, Cosmic Gate, and Andy Moor!

Throughout the mix, we hear some massive tracks from a variety of artists.  How did you decide what tracks to include?

I spent a lot of time sourcing the right tracks for this album, and of course, ensuring there were some exclusives, including new productions from myself. I started with a pool of around 100 tracks to choose from, so I had the flexibility to make the best mix possible. The aim was to provide two separate mixes that flowed really well, providing a good snapshot of the whole scene today, as well as representing the range of music I'm playing in my sets.  The final selection chose itself as I started to piece the mixes together.

You also included some of your very own tracks.  Tell us more about those and why you chose them?

Yeah, there's quite a few of my own tracks on the album including, "Hold That Sucker Down," "Destination Anywhere," "Our Brief Time In The Sun," and a couple of remixes of my stuff by Estiva and Chris Schweizer.  These have all been key tracks in my sets over the past few months.  There are a couple of tracks I specifically made for the album.  These include 'Unfamiliar truth,' which features vocals by Hysteria! This won't appear as a single until much later in the year when I release my own artist album.  Also, there's a brand new 2013 rework of my "Follow Me" track, something I'd thought about doing for a while after with all the requets I get to play the original 2000 mix.

What are your favorite tracks in this mix?

To pick a few, I'd probably say my "Absolute ResuRection" bootleg which has been made official for this album. Of my own tracks I'd probably choose "Our Brief Time In The Sun" and "Hold That Sucker Down." Other highlights on there include the quirky "Man who'll Save The Earth" by Alexx Rave, Andy Moor's "Love Again," and "Under My Skin" from ilan Bluestone & Jerome Isma- Ae.  From Lange Recordings, there are singles from Lele Troniq, Alex Larichev, Stuart Mclellan, and Rikkaz.  To be honest, I could make this a big list!

How long did it take you to mix Trance Nation?

The actual mixing part only took a couple of days, but the shortlist of tracks was developed over a period of a couple of months.

What would you say has been your favorite part about working with Ministry of Sound?

It's been a really enjoyable experience.  I've had total control on what went on the album, and Ministry of Sound have been open to ideas from me and my team about how the project was going to take shape. I've particularly enjoyed working with Mark and Cassie and we've met up a few times, including at Global Gathering for a beer!

Can you tell us a little bit about your upcoming album, We Are Lucky People?

It's my third artist album and will be out towards the end of the year. Rather than hide away in the studio writing the tracks all year, I've decided to share them as I make them.  I'm literally finishing them and promoting the tracks the same week!  I'm then taking the music from each track and developing it into a more home listening piece for the album.  The final album will be something special, a different take on the music. Along the way I'm going to be sharing the process of making the album too with some behind the scenes studio videos etc.

You have played a significant role in the trance community for over a decade now.  How do you plan to continue making a positive impact on this community?

Thanks.  I've gained a lot of experience over the years as you can imagine, both with production, touring, and also the less interesting 'industry' stuff.  I intend on sticking to the path I have chosen, producing and playing the music I want to hear, and also, hopefully, being of some assistance to the up and coming artists on my label as they rise through the ranks.  There's so much more I can do in this scene, and I've got some exciting ideas for projects for the future.  Ultimately it's all about the music, and my passion for that has never faltered!

Be sure to get your copy of Trance Nation Mixed by Lange out on Beatport.  Check out the latest from Lange below.  'Imagineer' is set to be released on Beatport August 26th, 2013.