Event Review: Life In Color
Review of Life In Color @ Izod Center 8/16

“So who wants to get wet? If you want to get wet make some motherf*cking noise!” Oh yeah, we want to get wet.

At 6 pm, just before David Solano entered the stage, hot pink paint sprayed generously form a hose onto an excited crowd. However, this was simply an introduction—basically a tease. It was the first paint- shooting of the evening, and it was used to get the crowd excited and wanting more. It worked. When David began, the energy level vastly increased and people began to show some real interest in what was taking place on stage. We heard tracks like Hardwell’sThree Triangles (Losing My Religion),” Afrojack ft. Chris Brown’sAs Your Friend,” and a mashup of “Young, Wild and Free” (Snoop Dogg & Wiz Khalifa ft. Bruno Mars) vs. “Mammoth” (Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike). We also got to hear Solano’s latest track, “Loco.” But it wasn’t until R3hab & Solano’s “Do It (Life In Color Anthem 2013)” played that the real paint party began. Neon green and pink paint shot 40 feet into the crowd from guns, cannons, and hoses, in conjunction with thousands of pieces of white confetti. Appropriate.

Not surprisingly, the Izod Center was predominantly generated by a younger crowd of 18 and 19 year olds. Nonetheless, these kids were ready to go. Think suspenders, Soffe’s (the sole indicator of their youth), and more girls than we’ve seen in a while walking around in their underwear. We also discovered someone wearing a Deadmau5 head, which was cool, but didn’t quite fit the party. Scoping out the crowd, we spotted what appeared to be Borgore’s #1 fan; with neon green knee socks and “Borgore” written on her a** cheeks, this was one of the best getups we saw. Or maybe lack of getup.

This year, Life In Color outdid itself; we could tell how many tireless hours, days, and months were put into the visual entertainment that captivated our eyes. At one point during Solano’s set, a person in white vaguely reminiscent of a sea urchin, took to the stage. He wore a costume with inflatable spikes that reached several feet into the air, towering over the crowd. Another impressive sight were the inflatable white lotuses that consumed the left and right sides of the stage. Petals opening up, two aerialists were lifted into the air holding iridescent isis wings that glimmered during the sunset. Hanging upside down and pulling all sorts of crazy moves, these girls were in shape, extremely lithe and all.

Transitioning into Sunnery James and Ryan Marciano’s set was a nice change of pace for the continuing festivities. The Dutch duo never have a dull moment; their sets are some of the highest-quality mixes out there because they grab their inspiration from all sorts of places such as deep techno parties. Segments of their set were tribal, whereas others focused on popular tracks like Avicii’sWake Me Up,” Pryda’sAllein,” and Knife Party’sLRAD.” A large rainbow-striped beach ball was tossed among the crowd, and before we knew it, Kryoman The Robot entered the stage, emitting CO2 from two gigantic hoses. SJ&RM also played Armin’sThis Is What It Feels Like,” and at the drop, CO2, confetti, and swells of green and pink paint hurled right at us.

However, the entire mood changed when Borgore took the stage announcing, “I’m f*cking Borgore.” The scene went from being just your typical paint party to an actual rave. Borgore’s set was as dirty as the backdrop behind him which showed a girl’s a** in black, lacey cheekies. We heard his collab with Carnage, “Incredible,” in addition to Heroes & Villains’ remix of “Bugatti” (Ace Hood ft. Future & Rick Ross), and Bingo Players’Cry (Just A Little).” Meanwhile, two aerialists were cocooned inside of a blue curtain, spinning around and doing splits in the air. But we are most thankful to Borgore that evening for avoiding Knife Party’s “LRAD” and for showing a deeper appreciation for their older tracks like “Bonfire” and “Centipede.” Without a doubt, Borgore stole the show.

Once more that night, the ambiance changed as the highly-anticipated Nicky Romero finally came to the stage at 9:30pm. Paint detonated into the air just as he banged out his latest track with Krewella, “Legacy.” Tidal waves of color shot forward, and droplets of color were struck by the lights from the stage, forming rainbows. Although Nicky played many typical tracks such as “Ain't A Party” (David Guetta & Glowinthedark ft. Harrison), “Symphonica,” and “Toulouse,” it was nice to see him play some old school tracks like Calvin Harris’Flashback” and Eric Prydz’sEveryday.” The closing of his set was expected, but listening to “Like Home” while getting hit with paint and snowed on with confetti for a last time wasn’t a bad way to end the evening.