Beats Antique Launch Crowdfunding Campaign for Ambitious New Stage Production
Electronic world-fusion masterminds ask fans to support collaborations with renowned projectionists and visual artists for their epic Fall 2013 tour


With 24 days of their Kickstarter campaign to go, electronic masterminds Beats Antique are making impressive headway towards their goal of raising $40,000 for their new and wildly ambitious stage production.  The campaign was launched last week and has already raised over $24,000 – a testament to the strength of the trio’s creative vision as well as their dedicated fan-base.

Having made a name for themselves with their otherworldly brand of Electronic/World Fusion dance music, as well as their vivid and hypnotizing stage shows, Beats Antique are ready to break out the big guns for their Fall 2013 tour.  Their new album A Thousand Faces - an epic and "genre-warping rock opera," inspired by Joseph Campbell's The Hero's Journey - will be accompanied by a massive, state-of-the-art stage production by Obscura Digital.

Obscura, a company that has worked with the Guggenheim MuseumGoogle, and United Arab Emirates government on 3D visual mapping projects, is currently creating custom technologies and content for what the band has described as an immersive exploration of multiculturalism and Campbell's "monomyth of all cultures."  They say that Obscura's efforts will "come together with our new album, [creating] a musical journey constructed note for note that weaves together music, choreography, and state-of-the-art video projection.

In many ways, turning to Kickstarter seems like a logical step for a band that has forged an impressive career through the support of their fans, without ever signing to a major label.  The eclectic trio are certainly mavericks in their creative ideas and ways of conducting business by reliably churning out music, videos and performances that are captivating and unique.  The band notes, however, that operating in this way is not without its drawbacks, stating that "sometimes our artistic ambition is dampened due to the lack of resources" and asking fans for support.

In return for their donations, supporters of the crowdfunding campaign can receive perks that include exclusive downloads, VIP previews of the show and dinner with the band, depending on the figure pledged.  All proceeds will go towards compensating the artists involved.  For more information, check out their Kickstarter page and website.