New Jay Z and Justin Timberlake Video
The dynamic duo release a video for their single "Holy Grail"

The hit song off of Jay Z's Magna Carta Holy Grail, featuring Justin Timberlake has now been given some visuals to accompany the song. We are not left with any dissapointments here--the video is epic.These two have been hard at work, from the release of "Suit & Tie", to their Legends of the Summer Tour, to this track and now they are working together for Justin' sequel to The 20/20 Experience. When two collosal acts come together like this, you can only expect greatness. That's exactly what we have recieved so far, and is probably what we will keep on getting. 

The video has a very artful approach to it-- something Jay Z has been getting accustomed to ( for instance,"Picasso Baby"). Both artists appear in the video as people seeking something more than the glamour and glitz of being a celebrity. The song focuses around Jay Z's struggle with media and the rap game, a concept which is very well presented in the video.  Fires are blazing and glasses are shattering, representing the breakng out of all of the issues that come with fame. It seems to us muggles, however, that they may be  exploiting what they have now taken for granted. It doesn't matter though--it's damn good music.