Ultra Music Festival Unveils After-Movie
The iconic music festival has released a 17-minute masterpiece that transports viewers back to the main stage

It’s been half a year since we danced our asses off at Ultra Music Festival’s two-weekend extravaganza, and although our memories of the magical music may be fading, UMF has released an after-movie that blissfully transports us back in time.


Produced by filmmaker Final Kid (Charly Freidrichs), RELIVE ULTRA MIAMI: THE OFFICIAL 2013 AFTER MOVIE is a 17-minute journey through the entire UMF experience. Depicting everything from Miami’s picturesque beaches, to Biscayne Boulevard bustling with ravers, to excited fan interviews, to panning crowd shots, to on-stage closeups, to even Afrojack driving a speedboat full of babes, the after-movie truly captures the uncontrollable energy that surrounds UMF each year.