Interview: Walden
On "First Day," a much-needed wakeup call, and "First Day"

You may or may not have known that Walden will soon begin his adventures with Morgan Page as a supporting act on the MPP3D Tour across America (see video below). His newest release, "First Day," was played on Hardwell On Air and premired on Pete Tong's radio show, BBC 1 Radio, and he is clearly gaining the attention of some of the most influential artists in the scene. Although we didn't get to see his set at Electric Zoo, Walden is planning on releasing a special mix containing tracks he would have played at the Zoo. Read on to see what he had to say about his latest single and touring with Morgan!

Although you didn’t get to play your set at Electric Zoo today, your trip wasn’t a complete waste. Now you’re getting to explore New York City a little bit more closely. What have you been up to today so far?

Thankfully I did! I went for a little bit of sightseeing around Brooklyn and took a walk around Central Park and Columbus Circle. It was such a nice day as well, which was a bonus! 

We already know how the fans have reacted to Electric Zoo's cancellation, but we haven't heard much from the artists except for condolences and reminders to look out for watch out for each other. From an artists' perspective, how did you feel about the abrupt ending to Ezoo and do you think its founders (in conjunction with the city of New York) made the right choice? 

I don't think they had a choice seeing as the Mayor’s Office got involved - do I think it was the right decision though?? I’m not sure, but perhaps it was a wake-up call that the scene needed, in regards to the issues surrounding molly and drugs and peoples attitudes towards them. 

We saw that Hardwell opened with your new single, “First Day,” on Hardwell On Air. Were you expecting this to happen or was it a huge surprise to you?

Yes it was definitely a surprise, and a pleasant one at that! I'm very thankful for Hardwell putting it on his show.

It also premiered on Pete Tong’s essential selection, which is a pretty big deal. You’re on a roll!

I was really excited when I found out that Pete had supported it as well!

Earlier in the summer you were here in NY to put on a free show at Pacha. Was this your idea and if so, why did you decide to make it free?

It was actually my managers idea - we were meant to play at a different club in NY, but then when that got canceled, the team and him thought it would be a fun idea to put together a free show! Plus I love playing at Pacha, so really, it was a no brainer! 

What are you most looking forward to as you embark on your Fall US Tour supporting Morgan Page, and how did you two get in touch to begin with?

Probably the gigs and the new areas (at least new for me anyway) that we will be driving into. I always preferred driving to planes and this will be my first proper bus tour so I’m very VERY excited for it. I had met Morgan Page a couple of times before as well, so that was how we first made contact.

Do you think you will record your Electric Zoo set in studio and perhaps release it to fans later on down the road?

Well I’m actually going to be putting a new Brightness sessions mix up soon, which is roughly what I would have played at Electric Zoo.

Are you currently working on any new tracks or remixes you can tell us about?

Working on a lot of original and collaborative material at the moment! I also finished up two remixes a few weeks ago, both of which I’m super happy with so I’m looking forward seeing how people react to them.