Event Review: Day 2 of Electric Zoo
A reflection on Saturday's highlights

As many people look back at Electric Zoo this weekend, the emotions widely vary.  Between the heartbreaking reasons behind the disappointing and contentious cancellation of Day 3, and the ongoing debate as to whether or not the right decision was made, it can be easy to look past all the good that happened this weekend.  With that being said, we should not ignore what has occurred, but learn from it.  Instead of thinking about what we missed out on, let’s remember what we experienced. Day 2 of Electric Zoo brought together thousands of electronic dance music listeners from all over the world to Randall’s Island for a day packed with performances from our favorite artists.  Let us reflect on these positive moments that have created beautiful memories that we should not allow to be overshadowed by the negative. 

We arrived around 1:00pm, exhausted from Day 1, and immediately headed to our favorite stage. The Hilltop Arena kicked off the afternoon with epic, bass-filled performances from Zomboy with MC Sharpness and Bro Safari.  While some may have been unable to handle the heart-throbbing bass, there were plenty others who were ready for Zomboy’s mind-blowing dubstep and Bro Safari’s take on the Moombahton movement.  The combination of our favorite stage at Electric Zoo, amazing people, and two of our favorite artists made for a great Saturday afternoon. 

Once Bro Safari finished up around 3:15pm, we ran on over to Main Stage East which hosted an array of amazing performances.  The Swedish duo, Cazzette, was all energy as they played for over an hour under the beaming sun.  Sebastian and Alexander didn’t let this hold them back as they dropped ‘Beam Me Up’, their trap take on Avicii’s ‘Alcoholic’, along with many others.  The duo was full of adrenaline as they walked off stage after their mind-blowing performance: “We had so much fun, it was insane.  All the people coming together in New York which is one of our favorite cities in the world, it’s just amazing.”

After a few interviews and some time to rejuvenate, we knew we were ready for what was to come the rest of the evening.  As the sun was getting ready to set, Dada Life brought the ugly to Main Stage East.  After seeing them at EDC Las Vegas where they debuted ‘Born To Rage’, we were eager to see what they had in store.  Dada Life gave 110% of their energy.  The connection and interaction with the crowd made their performance that much more memorable.  Dada Life truly took the crowd to another world as they made sure the only rules that were being followed were “The Rules of Dada.”  Complete with ‘So Young So High’, ‘Rolling Stones T-Shirt’, ‘Kick Out The Epic Motherf*cker’, ‘Feed The Dada’, and the oversized inflatable bananas, we were once again left speechless.  

Around 9:15pm, Bassnectar took over Electric Zoo at Main Stage East. This was without a doubt the highlight of the day.  The music, the production, everything about this performance was insane.  Bassnectar pleased his fans with everything from ‘100’ to ‘Butterfly’ to his remix of Nina Simone’s ‘Feeling Good’. We would be surprised if anyone was actually prepared to experience what he delivered.  Closing out Main Stage East, Bassnectar left his fans with satisfaction and amazement that could be seen on every single person’s face as they left the festival or headed over to Main Stage West for the remainder of Tiesto’s set.

Though Day 2 turned out to also be the last day of Electric Zoo, this was a great way to close out the weekend.  The talent and "animals" that Electric Zoo brought to Randall’s Island were phenomenal.  Though this weekend brought some sadness, try to look back on all of its amazingness.  Let the good times outshine the bad.

Be sure to check out other sets from Day 2 at Electric Zoo below!

Joonbug would like to give a special thank you to Sheraton Times Square Hotel for their support as we covered Electric Zoo.