Interview: Super8 and Tab
DJing this weekend at Webster Hall

The Finnish trance music duo, Super8 and Tab, will be hitting New York City this weekend. They will be spinning all night at Webster Hall this Saturday, September 14, as a part of the venues’ Brite Nites event. The duo has been killing it since they decided to join forces back in 2005. With their debut album, Empire, released in 2010 and a bunch of remixes under their belt, the boys have a nice collection of songs they are ready to showcase. One of them being their newest single “The Way You Want” – an energetic song that never loses a step and builds up into one of the nicest trance tracks that we’ve heard in a while.


We were able to get in contact with the duo for an interview, where we talked to them about their favorite producers, musical influences, what it’s like to be a DJ duo and more. Check it out below and be sure to hit up Webster Hall this Saturday. Tickets can be purchased at Webster Hall's website.

Are you excited to play at Webster Hall?

We are super excited! NYC always has a great scene and being able to visit the city is fun, even if we do have to fly in and out.

What has been your favorite event that you have done in recent time?

One of the festival highlights was EDC Las Vegas this summer and of course South West 4 and Dance Valley are always great.

 You were both solo DJ’s at one time… What made you decide on collaborating? And what’s your favorite thing about the working together?

Music was the reason we decided to collaborate. We were friends from back in our early clubbing days and decided to try a track together as Super8 vs. Tab called "First Aid." That was followed by "Helsinki Scrochin´" which was the point we decided to toss our solo careers and continue as a duo.

It’s really good to be team of two. When one of us is stuck with writing or whatever, it’s the others point of view that helps get you out of that rut.

 Who are your influences when it comes to making music?

It's all the music really. It could be a techno artist, a trance artist, or a house artist who has done something cool that gets our attention and gets us inspired. Sometimes it's a movie soundtrack that makes you lose attention to the actual film while you try to figure out a chord progression in your head.

 If you can go on tour with any other producer/DJ who would it be?

We've played few nights with Paul Van Dyk already so it would be cool to do a tour with him.  Sven Väth would be other option, but I think we would have problems getting insurance for the tour..hmm..

 How do you think trance has progressed stylistically within the last couple of years?

You might think it has changed a lot since tempos have gone down from 138BPM to 130 BPM, but other than that, it really hasn’t changed that much. We still have lush chord progressions, sweet melodies and big build ups like we use to 5 years ago.  

 Its been almost exactly 3 years since the release of your debut album ‘Empire’. How have things changed since then? Do you still love the album as much as you did when it was first released?

It still sounds quite good and whole, doesn't it? Maybe because it was worked as an album, not as a bunch of singles, so every track had its own influence on other tracks and vise versa.

 You have just released a new song, “The Way You Want”, which I actually can’t stop listening to. Are you as pumped to play it as we are to hear it?

Glad to hear you like it! We are really excited about it as well. It had been working well in our sets from the first time we played it, but now people are starting to recognize it and it goes down really really good!

 What should we expect in the near future, music wise?

We have a collaboration on its way with one of our favourite producers of all time. Stay tuned!!