Interview: Martin Solveig
Solveig talks to Joonbug about his inspiration for his Electric Zoo performance, his recent collaboration with Laidback Luke, and his eventful summer

We had a few minutes to sit down with the French DJ/producer Martin Solveig after his performance at Electric Zoo in New York.  Solveig’s creativity and adventuresome spirit could be seen throughout his set on Main Stage East as he brought the crowd to life.  Interacting with the crowd from the beginning where he invited everyone to be part of the filming of the 'Blow' music video, Solveig kept it up throughout his set.  The enthusiasm was evident as we talked to Solveig about his performance, his new single with Laidback Luke, and the exciting summer he’s had.

I’m very disappointed that you’re not still wearing your animal costume.

 I did though [laughs].  I played around 5:30, and at that moment it was quite hot.  So now the costume is a wetsuit, basically [laughs].  It doesn’t look too good now, which is why I had to take it off.

Where did you get the motivation for tonight’s performance?

 Everyone loves to play these shows.  I think this is everyone’s favorite thing, the big festival, the big crowd.  It’s so energetic.  It’s so crazy.  I like to also try to bring a little something special to all of these shows so that they do not look too much alike.  So this year, at Tomorrowland, I was teamed up with Laidback Luke and we played a track together.  I was “Super Solveig”, and we were doing the whole super hero thing which was fun.  I thought for Electric Zoo this year I would come as an animal and bring my herd.  So I brought four of my favorite dancers in the whole world.  We worked on some bits and pieces of the show, for a little extra something for the crowd.  Especially with the daytime when you don’t really have the lights or the screen, it’s good to have a lot of action on the stage.

I loved it.  Speaking of Tomorrowland and Laidback Luke, you guys premiered ‘Blow’ while there together.  Tell me about the making of this track?

Well we started to make this track in Australia.  We found a day in the festival tour where we could spend some time together in the studio.  We knew each other very well, so it went super easy and fast.  From there, we had to find another day to finish.  We started to swap files and IDs by email which is something that is very common for producers when doing collaborations.  We arrived to this final version that we both loved for Tomorrowland, so that was good timing.  I’m also working on a special video project for this one.  I’m excited about that.

Can you tell us more about the video?

Let’s just say that there is a story.  I can’t tell you too much about this because I want to keep it a surprise.  Let’s just say it’s not going to be just a video with some nice images, it’s going to be a story of something that happens to us.  This is going to make ‘Blow’ something more. 

We’ll just have to wait to see.  What would you say is your favorite remix of ‘Hey Now’?

  It’s a good one.  I’m always very blessed with remixes.  I got the best two club remixes which are Hagenaar and Laidback Luke, two of my favorite producers.  But, let’s go for it, my personal favorite is Lemaitre.  Lemaitre is very different; it doesn’t apply to a main stage at a festival.  It’s more of a boutique kind of remix but I really love it. 

Run through your summer for me?

 The special thing I did this summer was combine the U.S. and Europe.  I think most guys have done that, or they’ve done the whole U.S.  Europe then feels a little abandoned, doesn’t like that too much, so it’s important we keep going to Europe because this is our home country and everything.  Having said this, everything is moving so crazy.  Ibiza is still strong, but it’s changing in places. It used to be Space on a Friday, now it’s maybe Pacha on a Saturday, and then Ushuaïa.  Everyone wants change.  So Pacha is still strong, Mykonos is still strong, all the new countries, Croatia, Hungary, all of Eastern Europe is going crazy.  Of course, the biggest in Holland, Belgium, and English are on top of their game.  Las Vegas, I have to mention that because I have a residency at XS Las Vegas, and it’s working so well for me.  It’s incredible.  I’m really surprised with how Vegas is really going for the EDM stuff.  It’s incredible.

What can we expect from you for the rest of the year?

 So basically I’m now working on this video for ‘Blow’, I guarantee it as I always do.  Then, I’ll be working on two other tracks, two other collaborations probably before the end of the year.  I can’t say much about those [laughs].

Check out 'Blow' from Solveig and Laidback Luke below!

Joonbug would like to give a special thank you to Sheraton Times Square Hotel for their support as we covered Electric Zoo.