Event Preview: Illuminate 2013 presented by Unicorn Meat
Friday, September 27

In less than two weeks, get ready to experience the second iteration of event production group Unicorn Meat's now-annual fall art party Illuminate! This time around, it's being held on Friday, September 27, one month earlier in the year, from 9pm-6am. Like any good self-respecting Brooklyn art party, Illuminate's location is yet to be revealed, but given Unicorn Meat's track record, we're confident that the cops won't shut this baby down (unlike the last Rubulad fête you attended (yeah, that one)). Also, make sure to leave your high school friends at home because this event is 21+.

Besides a stellar lineup of musical acts, most with a psy/world/dub(step) flavor, this event features a number of other attractions for which Unicorn Meat is (sometimes controversially) known. In line with its name, last year's Illuminate featured over thirty unique light-based art installations, as if a little slice of the Playa took up residence in a Brooklyn warehouse. Naturally, the producers are looking to expand on this successful showing marked by such fantastic pieces as a larger-than-life garden of photo-flowers alongside a series of billowing sheets upon which fractal projections evolved and undulated.

Not content to limit themselves to stationary spectacles, Unicorn Meat have engaged the otherworldly talents of the traveling dubstep circus troupe known as the Lucent Dossier Experience. This ensemble, which invites comparisons to acts like Quixotic and Cirque du Soleil, has performed at such festivals as Coachella, Lighting in a Bottle, Sonic Bloom, and of course, Burning Man. They'll be pairing a diverse array of performance arts, including fire dancing, aerialism, burlesque, juggling, and interactive theatre, with the heady wobbles of Glitch Mob co-founder Kraddy. Here's a little clip of the weirdness you'll be missing if you choose to skip this event!

That brings us to the music. Low Society, the bass-centric arm of Unicorn Meat, has truly stacked the lineup to endlessly stimulate your auditory pleasure centers. Headlining the party is Simon Posford, the younger half of the psybient juggernaut Shpongle. While it's anyone's guess what exactly he'll play, we can probably expect to hear some tracks off their long-awaited fifth studio album, Museum of Consciousness, released July 29 this year. If we're lucky, he'll throw in a classic Hallucinogen track or two for that classic peak-hour psytrance intensity. Shpongle are also known for their maximalistic visual setups, and while the Shpongletron might not make an appearance, we'll definitely get some of that sweet savory eye candy, complete with projection mapping.

To help get you psychedelically psyched, here's one of Shpongle's mind-twisting new tracks, "How The Jellyfish Jumped Up The Mountain":

The event producers managed to round up five artists fresh from a hot, dry week in Black Rock City, no doubt still evicting desert dust from their DJ controllers. All of them present a unique melange of glitch hop, dubstep, trap, and general bass bliss to align your chakras. To ease us into the night we have the deep club chill stylings of ChrisB.. Things begin to build as New Zealander FreQ Nasty takes the stage. VibeSquaD then flagrantly flings fuzzy filth at our faces, filling us fully with fervor. Frequent Bassnectar collaborator ill.Gates gives us one more throbbing bass injection as the penultimate act before Messr. Posford. Later in the evening, Random Rab offers listeners a post-Lucent-Dossier-Experience aural cigarette as they prepare to greet the morning.

Also on the bill is MartyParty, who, along with Ooah, forms the dubstep duo PANTyRAiD. He'll be there to re-apply a thick layer of grime, jolting us back to our bodies after the neural excursion lead by Shpongle. Govinda caps off the night's acoustic ecstasy by bringing his own unique sonic seasoning to the table. By playing live violin on top of his mixes, he adds a compelling visual element to his performances while ensuring that you'll never hear his songs the same way twice.

Hopefully that's enough to get you salivating! Make sure to get your tickets here so you won't miss out on the latest installment of Unicorn Meat's Illuminate. See you there!