Kaskade Atmosphere Tour: Miami
Kaskade kicked off his highly anticipated Atmosphere Tour with a magical beginning at the American Airlines Arena in Miami, Florida this past weekend

With the recent release of his highly anticipated album Atmosphere, there couldn’t have been a better weekend for Kaskade than this last one.  Not only was he just announced America’s Best DJ by DJ Times and Pioneer DJ, but he also kicked off his Atmosphere Tour in Miami this past Saturday.  Sticking to the description, “big rooms, small tour,” Kaskade took the arena full of devoted fans to another world.  The American Airlines Arena of Miami, Florida was transformed into a magical place Saturday night as Kaskade gave an unforgettable arena performance.

Kicking off the show with his soothing and mesmerizing vocals, Ryan Raddon, also known as Kaskade, drew the audience in as he sang and performed ‘Atmosphere’.  Building up to a huge production that we never could have imagined, he made sure to interact with the entire room with his 360-degree creative masterpiece.  Between the imaginative, animated visuals that were sequenced with different songs, the moving limbs of the stage, dramatic smoke and a light show only fit for Kaskade, we now understand the reasoning behind the “big room” concept.  He didn’t stop there, though. Not even half way into his set, Kaskade disappeared and quickly reappeared on the opposite end of the arena at the smaller stage, where Amtrac had kicked the night off earlier that evening.  Taking most of the room by surprise, included ourselves, he continued to make the night more intimate as he sang with the fans around him.

Another pleasant and unexpected surprise was when Skylar Grey appeared at the main stage of the evening for ‘Room for Happiness’.  The truly gifted and beautiful vocalist won over every heart in the room before Kaskade returned and continued with a set that undoubtedly pleased the souls of all true Kaskade fans in attendance.  With a mix of classic and new anthems including, ‘4am’, ‘Don’t Wait’, ‘Something Something’, and his remix of Lana Del Rey’sYoung and Beautiful’, we couldn’t imagine a better set.

After his performance of ‘Eyes’, Kaskade humbly thanked and sent his love to the crowd but the inevitable demand for one more song led to an epic ‘Turn It Down’ and ‘Animals’ encore leaving us speechless. 

Numb from amazement, the crowd’s applause filled the arena.  The love that was seen and felt between Kaskade and his fans on Saturday night in Miami confirms why Kaskade is America’s Best DJ and why this tour is the tour of the year.  

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