Listen to Zak Water's new album
Stream Lip Service in its entirety via Spotify


Los Angeles singer, songwriter and producer, Zak Waters, has recently released his full-length debut album, Lip Service. Thanks to Spotify you can stream the entire album for free! Click here for the stream. And go check out the interview we had with him.

Lip Service an eight song album that will surely get you shimmying and shaking. Zak Waters has a sound unlike any other we've heard before, yet he has crazy radio potential. This is what he has to say about his sound, "my music is definitely meant to make people dance. I like to think of it as disco at its core. There are elements of EDM and R&B at the same time. You could call it neo-funk-pop."

In addition to his album release Zak Waters is in the currently of his partaking in a month-long residency at The Satellite in Los Angeles where he has been performing every Monday night.  Learn more about these shows and Zak Waters on Facebook.