New music from Stephano Gavilanes
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New York City elctronic music artist and producer, Stephano Gavilanes, has just released his latest work, Like Reality. It is now available to stream on Soundcloud

As a fan of many different genres of music, Stephano's musical influences range from Queen, to Depeche Mode, to Muse and Tiesto. This wide range of musical taste is obvious within his music as each song has such a unique sound that it is hard to put a finger on an exact type of sound. But as an up and coming producer this is exactly what we need to see - his capability to hone in on all these different sounds and give it his own twist. Once he is able to find a distinct sound that he wants to pursue we are sure that he can perfect them to a tee. 

Gavilanes gives an explanation of Like Reality and its tracks: "In reference to the masses, this is a world (Geo), hungry for leisure and entertainment (Disco Paris), filled with smart gadgets (Factory), always seeking for a celebrity status (24Kt), demanding fast services and information (Ultra Ride), where biased opinions are acceptable (Normal Bias), in which new generations prefer virtual activities than going to the park (Playgrounds), connected by structures but with a sense of disconnect (Networks), the existing data and memory are not enough (Goodbye Megabyte), where a birthday is reminded and not remembered (January 18th), and message trafficking for communication is leaded by a symbol (#)."

If you enjoy the album, go support Stephano Gavilanes by purchasing the album here.