Meet Heidi Merrill
A talented singer who's vocals are fused with pop and rock.

Heidi Merrill is a talented singer who's vocals are fused with pop and rock.  She has been inspired by artists such as Sarah Mclachan and Leona Lewis, but has a style that is all her own.  The Nebraska native has called New York home for the past seven years and she performs at gigs around the city and elsewhere.

She sings with such passion and that passion is easily heard in her song "Feelings Gone", a song that bids farewell to a broken relationship.  Her music video for the song is set in New York City and is truly captivating.   It's no surprise that she radiates a beautiful presence on camera, --she's also a fashion model!

Her song "Faded" is about reminiscing on the faded love of a past relationship and has more of a fairytale and small town feel as seen in the music video.

Heidi exudes style, grace, and originality and it really comes across in her music.  She likes to leave it up to the listener to make interpretations from her songs in order for them to relate the songs to their own experiences.

You can watch Heidi's music videos here and be sure to check out her website and follow her on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Souncloud.