Lorde Pure Heroine
Album Review

Story by  Elyse Marrocco

Lorde officially joins the music world with the most confident and promising debut we’ve heard in quite some time. The bold, Pure Heroine, is filled with innovative melodies and impressive storytelling from the 16 year old New Zealand native.

The first listen of Lorde’s effort seems superficial and filled with 10 tracks all sounding too similar to inspire the listener, but as you actively listen and really hear her stories the album is shockingly impressive. With lead singles “Royals” ,and follow up tracks “Team” and “Tennis Court”, Pure Heroine sheds a newlight on the young girl who seems wiser than her years, prone to write lyrics like “it it feels so scary getting old” (“Ribs”) and “you’re biting my lip, I’m biting my tongue” (“A World Alone”).

The album plays with haunting drum tracks that will sound great live, as well as tinkering pianos and echoed synthesizers that all  match perfectly to Lorde’s husky and colorful voice. Lorde has definitely garnered some buzz, and the alternative pop that she’s providing is refreshing.  Make sure to check out standout tracks, “Ribs,” and “Buzzcut Season.”