Review: Flux Pavillion at Westcott Theater
Syracuse, New York - October 3rd


Josh Steele, better known as Flux Pavillion, was fresh off his performance the night before at the Wescott Theater, ready to play for another sold out crowd. With a packed out theatre, Flux was ready to come back with a fresh reload of the bass cannons. Playing all his hits, as well as some of his new stuff, the dub wubbers all got to hear what they came to hear: that raw dubstep. It was nothing more and nothing less than that.

Best known for songs such as "I Can't Stop", "Bass Cannons" and "Superbad", Flux has risen as one of the key parts of the dubstep scene. His latest release, Blow the Roof EP, has recieved favorable reviews from critics. Flux has worked with the likes of Doctor P, Major Lazer, Foriegn Beggars and Childish Gambino.

With a cast of dubstep DJ's opening for him, the homegrown venue of Syracuse got a night loaded with dubstep. The heat upon walking in consumed you so fast, the first thing you wanted to do was grab a water from the bar, because you knew it was gonna be a sweaty night for sure. And that's what it was indeed, a sweaty grimey dubstepped out night. The sound guys had the shit all the way turnt up too. 

By the end of the night the British producer and DJ melted the crowds' face off. As a newbies to dubstep we were blown away by a totally unexpected amount of bass and straight up musical grittiness. Flux had the crowd waving throughout the night, and you can tell that Flux knew what he was doing as he flawlessy mixed his tracks.

It was a great night for everyone at the Wescott, and they really know how to throw down. A diverse demographic of the rave kids from 'Cuse, the loyal Flux fans and newcomers alike made this show a whirlwind experience. The lights, sounds, and deep bass that bumped through the speakers had everyone moving.  A night that, to all within earshot of the noise, was definitely, turnt.