Review: Miley Cyrus, Bangerz
The album will be released tomorrow, October 8

The highly anticipated Miley Cyrus album, Bangerz, comes out tomorrow, October 8, and Smilers all over the world are greatly excited to see what the passion project holds. There is no doubt Cyrus is all grown up--and for those who watched her MTV documentary, we also know she is hoping to start fresh as a new artist, with no recall of Hannah Montanna. 

The 13 track album (16 if you buy the deluxe), featuring big names such Britney Spears, Nelly, Big Sean, and Ludacris, is filled with orignality and inhibition. Following the dichotomy that came from the lead single “We Can’t Stop” and second single, “Wrecking Ball” (Miley’s first #1 single), we can't corner Miley's talent, and that is clearly something she hopes to convey. 

The opening track “Adore You”, a tune seemingly written for her  ex-fiance Liam Hemsworth, introduces the album--a very smart move oh her part.  The mature love declaration exudes with passion and romance as heavy orchestral strings allow Miley’s voice to come off strong and confident. 

“SMS (Bangerz)," featuring pop queen, Britney Spears, may be the most disappointing track on the album. The disapointing tune comes off as sloppy and lacks the catchy hook that most pop tunes win us over with. And sadly, Britney is as lifeless on the track as she is on her own tune,  “Work Bitch."

Although Miley proves to be more than capable of singing an array of genres,  her power lies in truthful, sometimes heartbreaking songs, such as the album“Maybe You’re Right”. A heart thumping beat underlines the story of a romance that is falling apart at the seams, as the lyrics admit that maybe “it’s too late for us to be in love right now.” Tracks like this allow Miley's true vocal talent and story telling prowess to shine through. 

Fun tracks on the album include “4x4”, a fun, hip-hop based hoedown that grows on you with multiple listens (mostly due to the nostalgia of rapper, Nelly), and “Love Money Party, "featuring Big Sean, and a punchy synth infused beat. Other fun songs are "Do My Thang" and "FU."

Even if you are not a Miley Cyrus fan, due credit needs to be given to the spectacle she has created. When Miley is on stage, the world is watching; and when she gets off it, we are all talking. There’s no doubt, love her or hate her, we’re all excited to see what happens next.

You win, Miley: you have everyone’s attention.