Event Review: Andy Suzuki & The Method @ Mercury Lounge 10/5
NYC-Based trio performs for full house

New York City-based trio, Andy Suzuki & The Method, had their homecoming this past Saturday night (October 5th), at NYC’s Mercury Lounge. The return marked the home stretch of the band's East Coast and Canadian tour, which has been hugely successful. Opened by indie ensemble, Miko and the Musket, Suzuki and co. took the stage for the packed house full of friends, fans, and family. There is a certain, “it,” factor that is necessary to thrive in the music business, and Andy Suzuki & The Method certainly have it. Andy, the leader of the band, who dressed in a tank top, skinny jeans, and a fedora, oozed the rock-star confidence of a lead singer whose band is well on their way to stardom. Playing cuts off of their new album, Born out of Mischief, Suzuki and co. displayed their talents to the diverse crowd, that saw people in young adulthood, all the way to senior citizenship, all equally engrossed in the stunning music, and powerful voice of Suzuki. The trio’s set lasted nearly an hour, and left concert-goers wanting more. And with a band this good, they will undoubtedly have the opportunity in the near future.

With a polished stage presence, and an established identity as a collective, the band interacted constantly with the crowd. From dishing comical pick-up lines, sharing tour anecdotes, to conducting a sing-along, the Andy Suzuki & The Method experience is one that makes you feel more like a friend, than a distant fan. One of the many highlights of the show was a surprise rendition of rapper, Drake’s, current airwave smash “Hold On, We’re Going Home.” The personalizing of the record, along with the alternative edge, gave the record a new feel that was very pleasing, and would surely be a hit with the maker himself. The band’s ultra-catchy single “Keep Me Running” had everyone in the building singing along and clapping to the radio-friendly tune. With his Grandmother in attendance, Suzuki dedicated title-track “Born out of Mischief” to her, as he crooned the personal and emotional lyrics. The show closed with a medley of crowd-requested songs, that included R.Kelly’sIgnition,” Ed Sheeran’s ”Give Me Love,” and The Killer’sMr. Brightside,” topped off with a freestyle by Suzuki.  

This band was not featured on Billboard.com for no reason. They are the real deal. Suzuki’s strong live vocals mirror that of the album, and the instrumentation of the band is equally as strong live. This is THE band to watch, and anyone with a chance to witness the Andy Suzuki & The Method experience absolutely must. For more information about the band, including upcoming tour dates and music, check out their official site.