Interview: Thomas Gold
On his #RememberTheLight Tour, spinning B2B with Deniz Koyu, and the meaning of light

Last weekend, Thomas Gold visited DC for the third time this year. The only difference was that this time around, the theme of his set was the power of light; hence, #RememberTheLight. Over the summer, Thomas played at a beach in Bulgaria until sunrise, and the experience of watching the night transition into day with each of his fans before him served as the inspiration for his current tour. Washington received a special show as Thomas and Deniz Koyu cooked up a B2B set for fans, which is always a fun addition to any show. Thomas spoke to us about his new track, "Remember," how he interacts with fans, and his upcoming tracks with Otto Knows and Deniz Koyu, respectively. 

How would you say your #RememberTheLight Tour compares with your Fanfare World Tour in 2012?

The motto is different this time. Last time it was all about my Fanfare Radio Show, and we were involving people who played on my radio show to talk about the tour, and we did some competitions based around the Fanfare podcast. I tried to connect people from my sets to the radio show. This time, it’s all about my new track, “Remember,” coming out soon, hopefully in October. I was just thinking about something, a hook for the whole tour. I actually started playing my track right before I started playing this tour. It’s called “Remember” and the tour is called #RememberTheLight, so for me it’s all about your personal experience with light in a club, be it the laser show, or when you come out of the club and the sunlight hits you in the face and it’s a special moment. But actually, the lyrics in my track are about a couple spending the night together and watching the sunrise. You know, that’s the basic idea, to share this stuff with the people. And we’ve been doing a lot of online stuff with that, trying to constantly involve people.

Was “Remember,” based on a personal experience?

No, I mean, I have those experiences of course and one of the best experiences I’ve had this summer was playing at a beach in Bulgaria, and I watched the sun go up right behind the people. So I can connect myself with that a little bit. But this guy I was working with, we came up with some ideas and he came up with this specific lyric thing that I loved so much. Sometimes it’s hard to find the right lyrics for a track. The melody might be right but it might be too cheesy or it doesn’t touch you. But when I heard this for the first time, I really liked it and I could see myself in that kind of story.

This is your second time at Echostage, and Glow has tailored the venue especially for tonight’s show. Was this your idea, or did you have any influence in Glow Land? 

No, that’s all about the guy that runs the venue, Pete. But I’ve been here quite a few times like at Ultrabar, Josephine, and Fur. So I’ve been here like 6 or 7 times already. This is my 3rd time playing in DC actually. They came up with that idea but I like it, I just saw the decorations. The place is cool and the whole vibe is really nice.

Is this your first time spinning B2B with Deniz Koyu? What are the advantages and disadvantages of going B2B?

We’ve played together quite a few times already but we’ve never played a B2B set. It’s really all about having fun. Going with the flow, and we fit musically. We just did a track together and we’re going to play it tonight, of course. When we were in the studio, we came up with the idea, “You know, we’re playing at the same venue, let’s just play back to back.” Each of us has our own hour so we can play our own stuff and then we can go on stage together, and I like that because I think people can see that you’re having fun on stage and it’s about being yourself. You can just go with the flow. We don’t know what’s going to happen. We just sat down and talked a little about the music, about what we could play. But we didn’t do a layout so it’s going to be very spontaneous and we’re really looking forward to it!

What exactly does light mean to you, and why do you find it to be the most powerful aspect of a show?

I think it’s seeing the crowd live, seeing people dancing to your music, having fun and enjoying it. You get this immediate feedback. Being in the studio by yourself, spending hours in this space, and then being able to go out and play your music for people…that’s the thing. And I always try to connect with people as much as possible. I enjoy being out there.

In what ways do you think that sites such as Soundcloud match up to Beatport in terms of reaching wider audiences?

I’ve never thought about that. Like, comparing Soundcloud and Beatport. But I know what you mean. Soundcloud is a perfect platform to put your stuff online and get in touch with people and make yourself known. People don’t have to pay for it, they can just listen and download. I think Soundcloud has been growing quite well in the last two years and Beatport is still very specific to DJs and people who are really into the music. Soundcloud is very general, it’s not iTunes but it is a great platform. And I get a lot of Soundcloud links from people who do edits and mashups…the good thing is that you can decide yourself if it’s a private link, an official link, a download link. It’s a great tool. I use it a lot and I really appreciate when people send me stuff on Soundcloud.

Creating an online Memory Book is a unique way to interact with your fans that we don’t often see from DJs. What sparked the idea?

We were sitting together—my guys, my agency and my online team. We were talking about what we could do to get people involved. We had so many pictures online and people send me or tweet me pictures of the shows. We came up with the idea, let’s try to collect them and do a printout of the whole thing because normally everything goes online. We thought it would be interesting for people to have a printed version of this online stuff.

Although you’re currently based in Berlin, we know that you have a connection with New York. Would you ever consider moving here to change up your career?

Actually, I’ve been considering that but it hasn’t been the right time because I have to go back and forth from Europe. But I love the area and maybe one day it will happen. I’m still thinking about it a lot, it just has to be the right time.

And you’ll be ringing in 2014 in NY!

Yeah, will you be there?

I might be! I’m from New York, so it’s possible.

Finally, what are you currently working on?

I’m working on a track with Otto Knows and Deniz Koyu. And I’m also working on my next single, a vocal track with a female singer. I’ve had this vocal on my laptop for the last 3 or 4 months already but I’ve been focusing so much on “Remember” and my tour. It’s been really busy this summer but I’m going back to the studio next week and I’m really looking forward to getting into that, and making this a real track.