Laidback Luke shows off his DJ skills
Watch LL work the deck for a hot 50 minute set

Ever wonder if the DJ you paid good money to see is actually doing something on stage, other than playing straight from a mixer or iTunes? We all have. This question  has been brought up a lot in recent time, causing controversy between DJ's in the EDM world. But if you had any doubts, you should know that Laidback Luke is in fact a legit DJ behind the boards. In this 50 minute set we get a full view of his CDJ-200nxs which he uses to flawlessly mix and remix songs live. This is not only reassuring to the sceptics, but an amazing sight for any fan of EDM to see. Check out the video below and let us know what you think, and how you feel about the work that DJ's should put in on stage.

If you were impressed by that, be sure to catch Laidback Luke in New York for the Halloween season. He will be headlining at Pier 94 on October 25th - one of the five Pier of Fear nights. Get tickets here