Interview: Sandro Silva
On shopping, his Fall tour with Oliver Twizt, and the importance of record labels

After having just bought a brand-spanking new gold watch, Sandro Silva came to DC along with Oliver Twizt, in support of their Mixmash Records fall tour. We could tell by the look on his face when he first met him how excited he was to be back in the district, spinning at Ultrabar for his first time. As Oliver performed downstairs, we spoke to Sandro before his set to hear about his new track, "Puna," (see below) in addition to the highlights of his tour and the significance of choosing the right record label. But he also told us the story behind a few of his tattoos and his relationship with Oliver. Read on to see what he had to say, and be sure to check out our review of their set. 

We noticed you recently bought a really nice gold watch. Who is it by, and is this the most lavish purchase you’ve ever made?

Nixon! I bought it in Seattle. Yeah, I love shopping. I’m really crazy buying things; it’s like an addiction. I love new clothes, that kind of stuff.

Between Facebook and Twitter, which platform do you prefer to use when connecting with your fans?

I think Twitter because it’s so direct. I can respond to my fans in a matter of seconds so it’s really cool.

This is the second to last night of your and Oliver Twizt’s Mixmash Records fall tour. What was the defining memory of this month-long tour?  

We did so many amazing shows. I think the most memorable shows were TomorrowWorld and Beyond Wonderland in the Bay Area. So sick. Those were two amazing shows of this tour. I think the crowd and energy did it. That’s such a big plus point for a DJ. 

Did you and Oliver meet via Mixmash or did you know each other beforehand?

We knew each other for a long time now. We met each other like 5 years ago. We were at the same booking company and since then we always kept contact. And now we have the same management now so it’s pretty cool. Our management did the proposal [to tour together] and we were like “Yeah, why not?” We are good friends, and it makes it so much more fun.

You’re going to play “Epic” tonight, right?

Yeah for sure! I think I’m gonna play the Angger Dimas edit, it’s really cool! He’s a good DJ, a really cool guy.

You once described your sound as “fat.” We once interviewed Moska and he used the same word to describe his music. What exactly does “fat” mean?

I think it’s like a really, really strong hard house. Like power house. So it has a lot of energy, big kicks, a lot of synths. There’s not too much going on, just drops. Big drops for the crowd. That’s about it.

And “Puna” was released pretty recently, hitting #25 on The Beatport Top 100. When you finished producing this track, did you think it would receive such positive reception?

Yeah because it got released on a really big label. Spinnin’ dominates Beatport right now, you know? All of the Top 10 are almost all Spinnin’. So it’s crazy. I predicted it kind of, sort of. It’s cool to see it in the charts.

Your style has a  very big room sound. What influences that?

I think the sound of now is really hard, so I’m in line with the sound. And it works in the charts. Why not?

Some fans don’t understand how important record labels are, and how much strategy goes into figuring out which track would fit best, where. Can you talk a little about some past choices you’ve made?

You know, you have to choose the right label for the right track. Nowadays it’s really difficult because you have labels that dominate the whole game. Like Spinnin’, Revealed…Hardwell’s label. You have some labels that basically dominate everything. And you have to release your tracks on those labels to get your name out there, for young guys. My experience with Spinnin’ is really good. I have a really long history with them, they made “Epic” really big in Holland and sold so many copies of it. We have a really good relationship, it’s a great label 

Do you have any cool tattoo stories you could tell?

Yeah, I have a sleeve and it goes to my chest. I love it. I have the birthdates of my mom and dad written, something about God because I’m always traveling and I want to have something religious. I love tattoos, I love the art of it. 

You’re turning 22 in just a few months. At such a young age, what has been the proudest moment of your career so far?

I think I’m really proud of my platinum record. We sold more than 40,000 copies of “Epic” in Holland and Belgium. I think that’s one of my highlights. It’s defined my career so far. But I have so many other goals; this is just the beginning. I want to dominate the charts with my own tracks and tour as much as I can.