Review: ATB @ Roseland Ballrooom
The trance legend rocked NYC on 10/12 with a DJ set & live show
“I love you, but I've chosen ATB.”
...without any second thoughts. Well, maybe that last segment wasn’t actually written, but it certainly was understood. The catch phrase, “I love you, but I've chosen ATB” adorned countless tee shirts worn by fans at ATB's live concert this past Saturday night, when he rocked Roseland Ballroom in NYC. Trance legend Andre Tanneberger, aka ATB, showed his love back with an ambient show, DJ set, and live performances which included a full band and guest singers.
To kick off the night, concertgoers were treated to a soothing, ambient show after an extended wait outside of the venue. The energy noticeably picked up as increasingly more people crowded into the ballroom, while glovers and hoopers did their best to entertain fans with their talents. Slowly but steadily, the serene lighting and untroubled music faded; anticipation began to grow, until finally, it EXPLODED!

BAM! ATB’s DJ set opened with a flash, bang, and boom, as he shouted, “NEW YORK! IT’S GOOD TO BE BACK!” The crowd went wild as he spun his mix of First State and Sarah Howells' “Seeing Stars,” the light show illuminating bits and pieces of a raving crowd while words like “love,” “innocence,” and “dance” rapidly flashed in the background. After a stellar set, the venue went completely black for a of couple seconds, making many uneasy. Could that be it?
That wasn’t it. Not even close.
The lights came up, and a live band had magically surrounded ATB's DJ booth.  Every song from that point on was sung by a different vocalist. Trance vocal superstars like JES,(Together,) Roberta Carter-Harrison, (I Don't Wanna Stop,) and Ramona Nerra (Never Give Up,In And Out Of Love,) had the crowd in a frenzy while they belted out emotional lyrics and danced their sultry moves. The night had gone from a party atmosphere to an EDM star-studded event!  So here’s the thing, significant others...
We love you, but we’ve chosen ATB!