Interview: IDestiny
The Dallas-based DJ/producer opens up about current projects, musical influences, and the future of EDM

It is tough to stand out in a business endowed with so much genius, but multi-talented, multi-genre, DJ/producer, Loren Moore, aka IDestiny, is standing tall and may very well be on his way to becoming a household name. The Dallas-based sensation has taken the world by storm with his unique work, as well as with his remixing skills. Joonbug recently had the opportunity to speak with Loren about his current projects, musical influences, and the future of EDM:

How did you get your start?

I started my musical career at age 13, but it wasn’t till 15 that I actually started writing music. Even though I've been recording myself and previous bands I've been in, I never considered it as "producing" since to me it was just a way I could gather my ideas onto a platform to be able to hear my ideas in my head into physical form. Not till 2010 did I actually start "professionally" producing when I chose producing as my career.

What are some of your earliest musical influences?

I originated from rock and metal. Artists I listened to during the development years of my music career were Green Day, Converge, Norma Jean, P.O.D., Yellowcard, Deftones… The list goes on of course. I also think I had major subconscious influences from what my parents listened to when growing up even before I found music to be a passion. I've always been a person who takes influences and observations to heart and applies them to myself.

How do you think living in and traveling to so many different places has shaped you as a musician?

I've grown up being used to traveling and moving. Ironically, I've recently discovered of the term "third culture kids" which is a person who has been brought up in a different or many different places than the upbringing location of their parents, which is of course myself. It's a life I've been born into, so now that I'm starting to travel for collaborating with different producers/artists I feel I'm already mentally prepared for the life-style, and soon to come, touring.

What's the meaning behind your name?

First to state the obvious of the two words it's joined together by, identification and destiny. I've gone under many monikers through the years as well as the bands I've been in. I was ready for something that could fulfill my intentions and imagination of music as well as what I've been through over the years of soul-searching and long stories that would require another interview alone itself, so I created IDestiny. It combines all the things I do and what I've developed into one. I dropped everything I was doing before to have my full focus.

I have the ability to replicate and create what's in my head as a producer. There are no limits when I can surround myself with what I write through my computer.

In addition to IDestiny, you produce for other artists. Who are some of the people you've been working with recently?

I've been working with local and international producers and artists recently, a lot in fact. I'll be producing an album for a band I've been working with for sometime now called Starship Romance. I've also been producing songs for other artists such as Midway, Lindsey Stewart, Ziek and many more. As for IDestiny, I'll soon be releasing a really hard electro track with California/Texas DJ and producer, E-VO. I'll be collaborating with a few other producers from around America that I'm not entitled to say yet but I'll soon announce closer to the time. I've also been mixing and mastering for a series of producers that contact me over SoundCloud after hearing my work through IDestiny.

You're releasing an EP soon. Could you tell us a bit about that?

I'm extremely excited to get this EP finished! I've put so much time and effort just into the theme alone. I'll be basing it off what I've been going through recently and combining the emotion with the best production and quality I've ever made. I'm aiming for hard, yet theatrical and colorful.

In your opinion, what is the secret to success for aspiring producers?

As I mentioned in a post I actually made a week ago, I believe the key to success as a producer is focus, taking every detail into consideration while remembering the big picture and adapting your ear as you develop. It's all about finding the balance between the left and the right brain, since technically speaking, as a producer you're producing the quality from the creativity into a physical form. With that said though, it depends on the style you're creating. Take for example Justice, their style is raw and very compressed compared to producers like Kill the Noise where everything is so finely mixed even if it would be described as "disgustingly filthy", but they've both produced that signature sound we all know them for. It all depends on what you're going for, but then again, you have to know, otherwise you'll be trying forever until you hit that wall, but a wall is always a breaking point in my opinion. Win-win situations!

What do you think the future holds for EDM?

Songs will continue to get louder and more active but still will find ways to create within the beauty of simplicity. As we all know, the quality of production is so important but the ones who keep the listener interested upon the sound they're known for while developing it are the ones that will last. That's what's great about music these days is people aspire to the person or group they're listening to because they'll know what to expect from that artist. This comes to a great advantage being a producer as a producer can be an artist as well while collaborating with artists and singers they feature or work with. For example, collaborations that are happening like Rusko and Britney Spears or Calvin Harris producing for Rihanna, their work has spread to the attention of that proportion that EDM producers are being contacted to work with mainstream artists like we're seeing and each artist's/producer's fans are being fused with each other. So we'll see EDM continue to grow into mainstream music but also continuing it's loud and progressively active direction in the clubs.