Interview: Hot Since 82
On current obsessions, being in love with everything, and releasing his new EP, Little Black Book

Yesterday, Hot Since 82, aka Daley Padley, graced Washington, DC with his deep house beats at one of our newest venues, Flash Nightclub and Restaurant. Flash resides near U. St corridor and contains a more obscure entrance as opposed to the more enticing nightclubs around the city. Guests walk inside a room with a restaurant/bar-type feel, and it is only when you hit the photo booth toward the back of the room that things get a little more exciting. We were handed a coin and invited to enter the photo booth of 3 rounds of photos that were printed out for us courtesy of Flash, which is always a great souvenir to have if you're planning on not remembering what happened last night. 

You wouldn't think that the nightclub portion of the venue had anything to do with the restaurant/bar downstairs, as what started out as bland instantly transformed into a modernized, LED-lit room. Everywhere we turned were bright blue LED's that pervaded the walls, and the DJ booth was easily spotted among a sea of partygoers. One aspect we noticed off the bat was that the scene was much more cultural than any other you might find in DC. Specifically, there were many Europeans. But this makes sense because deep house, tech house, and the like tend to attract more international crowds. 

Despite the venue's small size, this genre of EDM carried extremely well. In fact, the room's attributes were perfect for the deep house beats that Daley delivered last night. Brought to us with a special thanks to DC's own The Bullitt Agency, HS82 showcased tracks off of his latest EP, Little Black Book, set to release on October 22nd via Moda Black/Ultra Music.

Just a week ago he kicked off his North America tour, beginning in New York, where he also celebrated his album release party. When we spoke to Daley before his set, we found out that he loves romantic comedies, he deeply appreciates the little things in life, and he's also currently obsessed with the tv show, Suits. Check out HS82's new single, "Shadows" feat. Alex Mills, below. 

Nearly a week ago you celebrated your album release party at Output in Brooklyn—how was that?

It was pretty cool man, I heard a lot of good things about Output, especially the sound system. So it was nice to take the decks there and meet the crew. And it was my first time in NYC for 7 years. I used to go back in the day to visit friends and whatever so it was nice to sell the club out.

You also just started your North America Tour, which will be closing at Space, Miami at the end of the month. What was the best memory you have of this tour so far? 

You know, every single show has been amazing so far and I’m quite hopeful that I will take something positive out of all these shows, in cities that I’ve never visited before. It’s just nice to be accepted and to play shows where your music is appreciated and where people know your music, which is quite humblin’! Toronto was an amazing show, Boston was amazing. NY was great as well! So if you’re asking me to choose one I can’t because everything has been pretty sick. I’m just happy to be in North America playing great shows. Shows are always going to be different from each other but especially in North America, at the moment, has been pretty amazing. So I feel lucky just to be selling clubs out and to be playing to people who really appreciate the sound I put down.

Tell us something that nobody knows about you, like a hidden talent or guilty pleasure.

I’m a romantic! I love a good rom com? Who doesn’t like a good love story with a good ending? I’m a sucker for romantic comedies. Like You’ve Got Mail.

With Meg Ryan??

Well before she had all that plastic surgery bollocks! You can quote that as well, cause she made a mess of herself. And what about Two Weeks Notice with Sandra Bullock? That’s a classic! Yeah, I like Dirty Dancing! I like to think I’m a little hot in my heels. What’s the other one that comes to mind? Hitch! I watched that on Air Canada the other day – what a great movie, man! Who doesn’t like to be in love, man? I love being in love.

Are you in love?

I’m in love with fucking everything baby!

You once said that “good things take time, but great things happen all at once.” Aside from the obvious, what other great things have happened to you lately?

The biggest, greatest thing that has happened to be is appreciating Britain as a country, appreciating hometown, appreciating your friends and family more than you ever could wish in your entire life because now I’m touring five days a week. So the two days you are at home, you spend appreciating the simple things in life. EastEnders, a good cup of tea, the countryside—yeah? No traffic, that kind of thing! From a young age, I’ve always wanted to move out of England for some random, fucked up reason. And the two days that I do get to spend in England are precious, they’re precious now. And we do live in a good country. You just appreciate your friends and family and the tiny, little things in life that do actually matter, that you don’t appreciate when you’re spending 5 days in England. So, I guess I’m just fortunate for the tiny things in life that I do have now.

In a few days you’re going to release Little Black Book. What about the EP are you proudest of?

First of all, getting it finished. Like I said before, I’m touring a lot so getting a big project like this finished is a godsend. Just writing original music, collaborating with good eyes, working with a good label, good management, and good agents, and having good shows to tour as well is a blessing. It’s the first big concept for an ass like me, and coming stateside and touring at the back of deep house or house whatever, in a country that’s dominated by EDM…it’s good and I’m happy to be in America on a new sound as well. Cause EDM dominates America and I’m happy to be pushing boundaries in a more underground sound.

What are you currently obsessed with? It could be a certain food, tv show, cocktail, etc.

Suits! I’m obsessed with that program. My friend introduced me to it a couple months ago. He’s a big gay. Well he’s not that gay, and I have nothing against gays whatsoever. He always introduces me to this shit. But for once in his life he introduced me to something great which is Suits. So I watched the first series and I was like, “Eh this is cool.” And I just finished the second series today, and I’m like so hooked on it. But I didn’t realize how big it was over here until I had lunch a few hours ago with the Bullitt team. And it’s actually quite big over here as well. I’m massively hooked. But I’m also hooked on life. I’m super positive about the future and I’m super positive about today. I’m enjoying just each and every single day. Riding the wave as I like to call it.

I feel like producing music is a lot like creative writing. It’s hard to tell yourself that you’re completely finished because there seems to always be ways to improve your work. How are you able to confidently say to yourself, “I did it, I’m done”?

Time. The biggest ultimatum is time and deadlines. I’m part of a team that is very strategic and they know how all these things work. You know, I could send any EP to a random, underground label but if there’s no formula behind it, the track’s not gonna see the light of day that it deserves. The point is, the biggest ultimatum of knowing that something is done is knowing that if a track is good and it’s finished, then just finish it. Because everything is built around press and promoing these days. And I have a good team behind it; they know how to work a record. So you have to make each hour, minute, whatever, precious. I ultimately know when a track is finished, and understand that a track needs to be worked in a specific way where people need to hear it. You just know when a track is finished.

James (HS82’s Manager): What he’s trying to say is, the bigger picture, the bigger strategy of what we’re doing, is getting it finished in time because if you spend forever being a perfectionist, you’ll never get it out. And you’ll never do what you want to do. With being a perfectionist, there’s a point where the record is at its best and if you keep editing things, you lose the demo.

HS82: Ultimately, you override the best version. And I understand that my label and my team need to work the record as well. These guys are really busy. So you have to get the track finished. Then you need to pass it to the label, pass it to the manager, pass it to the press. There’s lots of formulas before you actually get it out there. It’s pointless to make a record, and send it to a label but if the label isn’t pushing it out, then no one’s going to hear it. I want people to feel my records and to hear them. And for people to hear and feel it, you need a powerful team to get it out there where these guys come into play. They have deadlines, they have a label to run. So you need to have a track finished in time and get it out there. 

Did you ever think you would make it to the Essential Mix Hall of Fame, or be awarded Essential New Tune? That’s a lot to brag about.

If this all ends tomorrow, I can honestly say that I’ve won Essential New Tune and I’ve made the Essential Mix Hall of Fame. I’ve been listening to Pete Tong’s show since I was a little kid. The Essential Mix is like being knighted in the dance music industry. So the Essential New Tune was like, “Wow, things are going good.” Pete Tong’s a god, Radio 1 is like the Mecca for dance music in the UK and maybe even worldwide for pushing out new music. So, and then the Essential Mix came along and it was like, “Wow, how do you even go about doing this?” It took a long time to get finished. I think I did a good job and props to Pete Tong and to BBC 1 for supporting me!