Preview: Datsik to Add New Song to MashupDJ's Library on Tuesday
"Automatik" will be added to the library of music

Next Tuesday, October 22,  DJ and producer Datsik will be adding his song "Automatik" featuring Messinian to MashupDJ's library of music.

Datsik's song "Automatik" is part rap and part heavy dubstep bass. Its the perfect addition to MashupDJ's growing library of music.

If you're not already familiar with the new web app MashupDJ let us break it down for you: MashupDJ is a place where any music lover can create a mash up of songs with just a few clicks. You can browse their library of songs from all genres and create your own masterpiece by mashing up any songs you'd like! Mash up "ABC" by Jackson 5 with "I Wanna Be Sedated" by The Ramones. The possibilities of mashups are endless and with new songs dropping every Tuesday, MashupDJ is about to be your new favorite app!

To see how the app works, click here and you can even download MashupDJ for your iPad here:

 Every tuesday new music will be added to MashupDJ's library. Here is a preview of some that will also be added next week along with Datsik's "Automatik":

T. Rex - 20th Century Boy
Lovelife - Tonight (We Are Taking Our Own Lives)
Standing Shadows - Everything You Want
Full Net - Demented
Ronnie From The Jersey Shore - How The F%# We Gettin' Home
Jaimie Stewart - The Show
Spywerk - Clockwerk
Maniac Agenda - Dissolve
Melisha - Take
check out Datsik's song "Automatik"