Eric Prydz “Epic 2.0”
Hammerstein Ballroom 10/18/2013

Eric Prydz made his triumphant return to New York City this week as “Epic 2.0” hit midtown’s historic venue, Hammerstein Ballroom. Beginning in London of 2011, The Epic Tour is called that for a reason, as this tour is not the average Eric Prydz show. To add to the concert goer’s experience, combined with a visually tantalizing laser light show, The Epic Tour is the only dance music show in the world that features 3D holograms.

Although the show was promoted as starting at eight o’clock, doors did not open till 9pm, and by 8:45 there was already a massive crowd of people stretching almost to 9th Avenue.  The line moved quickly, and the Empire State Building was a nice aesthetic, making the wait to get inside more bearable.  Hammerstein Ballroom is a very unique venue and a Joonbug favorite, a former opera house that has high vaulted ceilings, with two main balconies overlooking a huge dance floor area.

The Opener, simply referred to as “Opening DJ” on our set list, did a great job of warming up the room. With lighting kept low, only a few blue and red lasers projecting over the crowd, and a selection of deep minimalist tech tracks the anticipation of the explosion that is Eric Prydz could be felt throughout the building. Despite being in charge of several other parties in the area this same night, legendary promoter Rob Fernandez is seen at the back of the venue, attesting that this is the “No Brainer” event to attend.

After a great warm up for the event, the Opening DJ left stage to make room for Pryda Friends, Jeremy Olander and Feherplay. The hour long set these two DJs performed was obviously part of a well laid plan to make the show one giant build up. Over the course of the next sixty minutes the audience, practically begging for hard beats, continued to be teased by the performance of the DJ’s, who showed incredible restraint not to deliver the explosive drops and tracks the crowd wanted.

It was obvious when Eric Prydz took the stage. Suddenly the number of lasers projected over the crowd doubled and changed color from a dim red to bright white. Above the DJ booth3D holograms projected a picture of Prydz and a short bio, it looked almost like a video game character selection screen. A low laying buildup could be heard and the 3D graphic morphed into a planet like ball, the entire wall behind the stage was made up of three gigantic visualizers that exploded into bright lights captivating the crowd. Later in the show 3D projections of a cassette were displayed, as well as a breathtaking view of a sunset over the ocean on the huge screens on the stage. Delivering a two hour set filled with numerous hits of Eric Prydz, as well as hits from as his aliases Cirez D & Pryda. The audience went crazy when tracks like “Personal Jesus,” “ThunderStruck,” “Allein,” and ”Layers” were played, keeping even the crowd in both balconies dancing throughout the night.

After finishing his two hour set the audience was still hungry for more and Eric Prydz was ready to give more. He was joined behind the decks by Jeremy Olander and Feherplay. The trio played back to back for more than two hours, tearing through killer tracks, the building shook from the hard stomps of the dancing crowd into the early hours of the morning. “Epic 2.0” was just that, a truly epic event.

With a second show of "Epic 2.0" tonight at Hammerstein Ballroom in New York City, and following up the event with a performance at Marquee New York, Eric Prydz is sure to keep his fans happy.