Calvin Harris and Alesso ft. Hurts- 'Under Control' (Official Music Video)
With an apocalypse coming, the only thing left to do is party

The Mayans were wrong. Two months short of a year ago, the world was predicted to end. But it didn't, which would explain why we're all still here today, keeping you in the know of what's going on in the dance music world.

Today, Calvin Harris, along with Alesso and Theo Hutchcraft from Hurts released the official music video for their collaboration, "Under Control." The theme of the music video is a play on the apocalypse that was rumored to occur in December 2012. If it had, Calvin, Alesso, and Theo show us exactly how they would have spent their last hours on earth- by partying.

One scene that stands out in this video is when three attractive girls are road tripping, and their car suddenly breaks down. Our heroes save the day by conveniently pick these lovely ladies up in their limo, pop bottles of champagne, and take selfless. If it was our last day on earth, running into the world's wealthiest DJ and drinking champagne with him might not be such a bad ending.

The remainder of the video is pretty generic, as it shows the three stars on stage, standing before an ecstatic crowd. Although such scenes have been depicted in plenty of music videos in the past, the track in itself stands strongly on its own. Theo's vocals are crisp and enticing, while avid Calvin and Alesso fans can easily weed out which segments of the track they individually contributed. "Under Control" contains the perfect blend of upbeat synths that fans expect from Calvin and Alesso, meaning that this one is definitely a keeper in our book.

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