Interview: The Aprons
Israeli indie-rock duo share their thoughts on performing in the US, who they're listening to, and their future plans

Tel-Aviv based duo, Talia Peri and Hava Cohen, collectively known as The Aprons, will be a band you'll be seeing and hearing a lot about. After rocking CMJ 2013, the female indie-rock duo is heading back to the studio to begin work on their new album. Their music is minimal, dark, and moody, and we love it. We got a chance to speak to the band about their sound, who they're into at the moment, as well as their future plans.

Your music is minimal, dark, moody rock. Who are some of your creative influences? Who are you listening to these days?

We are both influenced by NIN and Blonde Redhead. Growing up we were listening to Cure, Radiohead and David Bowie. These days are listening to Band of Horses, The fleet foxes, Deer hunter, Grizzly bear and Arcade Fire of course :)

 How did you meet and start playing together?

We have been friends forever but started playing together just five years ago.
Hava: "One day Talia came over to my place with her bass, we started jamming just for fun and a song came out! We loved it so much and decided to start rehearsing together. Thats how the Aprons was born"

 This is your first time to the US. How's playing to crowds here versus in Tel Aviv and Israel?

Its very different playing in NY vs TLV. Back home, we have our fans coming to all our shows and supporting us. Here its like a first date, you don't know what to expect or how people will respond to our music.

 What are your plans for after CMJ? Any plans to return to the US?

After leaving the US we hope to follow all the great connections we made here in order to plan the next trip. We would love to explore California. We were also invited to play in Moscow, and are planning to do that in the spring.

 Anything else you want your fans to know?

We are about to record our next Album. The first single will be recorded in November so stay tuned!