Sultan & Ned Shepard- All These Roads (Original Mix)
The Canadian duo look to indie/country for their latest track

Is that Avicii we hear, or is Sultan & Ned Shepard's new track, "All These Roads," proof that the former is leaving a rather successful imprint on other artists? So much for hating on Avicii these last few months for joining dance music with country. It appears as though Tim's influence is slowly, but surely, extending to emerging artists such as Sultan & Ned, who have given us their own take on dance music meshed with indie/pop/country elements.

"All These Roads" contains a soft opening, featuring rapid plucking of guitar strings topped with delicate vocals from Zella Day and Sam Martin. While completely diverging from Sultan & Ned's past contributions including "In the Air," "Walls," or their remix of Kaskade's "Fire In Your New Shoes," we have to admit that we are impressed with their latest single. The track wasn't anything near what we expected, but quite frankly, surprises are always much better.