Preview: New Song by Ferry Corsten ft Jenny Wahlström, “Many Ways,” out November 18
The tune is sure to be an EDM anthem!

With the teaser already reaching 26,000 plays on Soundcloud, "Many Ways" the new banger by veteran DJ Ferry Corsten, is already making a splash in the EDM world. 

With its pop vocals from the lovely Jenny Wahlström, "Many Ways" already feels like every EDM festival's anthem. The type of track every DJ loves to play to get the crowd going wild! 

The build-up incoporates great vocals and drum and bass all leading up to an explosive drop (I can see the confetti and fireworks now!) But this is no surprise since Ferry Corsten has been mastering his technique since I was in diapers (90's baby!) For 2 decades now Corsten has produced nothing but electronic dance hits and is showing no signs of slowing down, especially after this track! Whether you call it techno or EDM it is no surpise that the scene has changed dramatically in the past 2 decades, but its DJs like Ferry who can effortlessly keep up with the times who keep us out of our seats and dancing till sunrise!

Take a listen to the teaser for "Many Ways" from Ferry Corsten's Soundcloud: