Listen to Lady Gaga's Just released Song, Venus
The singer releases her new space goddess anthem and takes things to a new level of bizarre

This morning, Lady Gaga surprised fans by releasing her new song Venus via Twitter and, if we're being honest, it's a little on the bonkers side.  We're used to the singer's bizarre antics but it looks as though she's taking things to a whole new level of crazy with this latest album cycle.  With lyrics like "aphrodite lady seashell bikini, garden panty" nestled alongside gems like "have an oyster, baby, it's Aphrod-isy, act sleazy" and "don't you know my a** is famous?" - the latter of which is delivered in a manic snarl - the track is, as far as we can tell, about a relationship.  With all of the dense and perhaps slightly ham-fisted space imagery and references to Botticelli's The Birth of Venus, however, it's difficult to tell.  Productionwise it's solid but nothing groundbreaking, featuring agressive synths that hammer along underneath thick layers of Gaga's celestial vocals and pounding beats.  Genius or just downright crazy?  We're not sure.  Have a listen below and decide for yourself.