Hulaween Interview Spotlight Series Part II: Eliot Lipp
The cross-genre producer chatted with us about his upcoming festival performance, his Florida fan-base and incorporating a live band into his sets.

Hulaween is finally here! Tomorrow night the String Cheese Incident's Halloween-themed music festival will invading the Spirit of the Suwannee Music Park in Live Oak, Florida for a weekend of spooktacular jammage. String Cheese Incident will be joined by headliners STS9 and Big Gigantic with supporting performances from acts including Emancipator, Conspirator, Steve Kimock & Friends and Brock Butler. Tickets can be purchased here

We had a chance to chat with Eliot Lipp about his upcoming performance, his Florida fan-base and incorporating a live band into his sets. 

Congratulations on being selected for the Hulaween lineup! How excited are you to be playing the festival?

I’m stoked! Especially because I’m bringing my band, I’m excited about that. I’ve played at Bear Creek once so I’ve been to the area before and I'm stoked to be back.

I know you were in Miami two weekends ago for the BassLights after-party, what's your favorite thing about your Florida following?

It's totally different in every part of Florida. One thing I like about Miami is there's not a huge separation from the clubby-clubs and the concert venues. In most cities you have the bottle-service, VIP, velvet-rope clubs and then you have the other concert places. They're totally separate from each other and they don't have any of the same cliental at all. But in Miami I feel like there's a better mixture somehow where they're able to cater to all different crowds with one event. I think Florida for the most part has a younger crowd and they rage a lot harder sometimes, they can go all night. 

You mentioned you're bringing your band for your set, how does that fit in with the electronic element of your performance?

We did a two week tour in August where I had a drummer and a guitar player. We were going through the midwest and northeast and we're going to be playing a lot of the same stuff but I have a couple of newer songs too from a record that's coming up next year. It sounds a lot like my set when I play solo because we do a lot of the same songs but it's still very electronic even though it's a live band. I think it'll fit in well with the rest of the bands that are playing, especially the bands like Big G and other electro groups.

Like Big Gigantic you're definitely one of the few acts that's bringing an electronic feel to this predominantly-jam festival. Are you planning on tailoring your set toward the more instrumental-loving crowds?

I'm stoked to be the electronic one out of the group of bands. I don't necessarily try to change my performance, I usually just play based on the vibe I'm getting from the crowd. Once I play a few songs I can see what they like. With the band we usually rehearse the set ahead of time but I find that my music is generally a sort of gateway to electro. I've had a lot of fans tell me that they don't like electronic music but they like my music. I think it works well with everyone. 

Festivals are a great time for musicians to try out new material. Do you have any surprises in store for your performances?

Oh yeah. I have this remix I just finished for Pretty Lights and one that I did for Emancipator so I'll be dropping those. I love playing songs that aren't released yet just to get the crowd's reaction.