Interview: Tom Swoon
On his metalhead roots, what makes him tick, and more

Over the past year, Polish ex-rocker turned DJ/producer Tom Swoon has transformed himself into one of the most prominent movers and shakers on the EDM scene. Swoon’s infectious enthusiasm for different genres and vast knowledge of all things music, has awarded him high acclaim.  Already a veteran of remixing, we at Joonbug sat down with the man who has been dubbed,“Poland’s First EDM Star,” explored his metalhead roots, what makes him tick, and more...

You were originally known as Pixel Cheese. Why did you change your name, and how did you come up with Tom Swoon?

I just felt it was right to change my artist name from Pixel Cheese into Tom Swoon. As Pixel Cheese was more the name of a bedroom producer and now Tom Swoon feels more mature and representative of the music that I produce. After all to SWOON is to lose consciousness for a short duration of time which is what I want my music to be about. And "T-O-M" are the three first letters of my surname.

You started out playing rhythm guitar in a rock band. What made you make the change to EDM?

I was a total rock/metal head at that time, but a bit later I got hooked emotional/technical-wise on Deadmau5 and Kaskade’s track “I Remember”, which made me also want express my feelings through my own music. That’s how I got into EDM.

How do you think that starting off in rock has shaped your musical sound?

That’s a good question! I believe that I’m really into high energy progressive house music is possibly a result of my rock band history. And also I focus a lot on the drums in my productions which definitely also has to do with it.

We know that your main focus is progressive house; are there more genres that you want to tackle in the future?

I am a big fan of melodic music and that’s also the kind of music you will continue hearing from me in the future.

You’ve remixed everyone from Linkin Park to Steve Aoki. Who would you like to remix next?

That’s difficult to say. I accept a remix based on if I like the original track and if I think that I can create my own dimension/way of the track. If I have to pick some names I would love to remix it will probably be Florence & The Machine or Lana Del Rey. They are definitely on my wishlist.

What do you think makes you different from other artists?

I never compare myself with other artists. I just try to bring my own sounds and give myself for the full 100% in the music.

If you could give one piece of advice to artists looking to make it, what would it be?

Never set the "get signed" goal. Just do what you feel, share that stuff on blogs, Facebook, SoundCloud etc. and look for some constructive feedback. Develop your own sound! Making your music sound good enough to release it officially takes some time, so be patient and when you feel that moment came, just send couple of emails to different labels and wait. Nothing's worse than re-sending the track every week to labels and DJs. It's totally unprofessional. Even if you have to get a negative response after 2 months, wait... Use that time in studio instead! And the most important - stay true to yourself.

Future plans?

There’s a lot happening to me right now. In December I will start with a weekly radioshow on the biggest polish radio station RMF Maxx and I have collaborations coming up with artists such as John Dahlback, Paris & Simo, Laidback Luke.. and there’s even a lot more to come but I can’t reveal more at this point!