Krewella @ The F Shed
Syracuse, NY 10/29

With the biggest crowd the F Shed has collected since its recent opening, Krewella was well received by upstate New York. Packed from front to back, the crowd almost reached capacity as more than 4,000 tickets were sold for last nights show. With a crowd that were dressed for Halloween celebrations you could tell Syracuse was ready to get one of the biggest party weekends of the year started. With the help of two amazing openers - Candyland and Seven Lions - getting the crowd pumped, people were just itching to get wet with the headlining trio.

Once Krewella hit the stage, the audience went bonkers, as people stomped hard to the sounds of multiple EDM genres. They played everything from house to hardstyle to trap and dubstep, which all hyped up the crowd to unmeasurable amounts. The chanting and dancing did not stop for one second and went on until the very end. Even though it was just a DJ set last night, unlike their full out show, which includes vocals and live instruments, it was still loaded with an amazing light show, and the sound was magnificent throughout. But it truly was the crowd who helped make the night as memorable as it was. Kids were there to get down and dirty, as they busted out ridiculous dance moves, head banged to the bass and moshed the night away. 

But of course, you have to give credit where its due to Krewella for throwing down one of the most hardcore, groundshaking sets we have witnessed in a long time. Remixes of classic tracks like “Better Off Alone”, and a handful of songs off their own releases had the whole place rumbling, and was obviously well recieved by both die hard fans and newbies. With an amazing set under their belt, you could tell they were more than satisfied with the reception they receieved from the crowd, who were chanting for an encore. They came back with one last song for the evening - their hit track "Alive". And with that the night was epically concluded as we left with a smile on their face, and one of the hottest kick offs to Halloween that we could have asked for.

If you don't know about Krewella by now you're definitely slacking. Wikipedia tells us: "Krewella is made up by vocalists/sisters - Jahan and Yasmine Yousaf - and producer Rain Man. After their breakout EP, Play Hard, came out in 2012, which reached #1 on Billboard’s, Krewella has only been getting more and more positive acclaim. They have headlined festivals such as Ultra, Electric Daisy Carnival, and Spring Awakening. And their recently released album, Get Wet, got on US Billboard’s #8 spot in its first week on sale, as well claiming the #1 spot for Billboard’s US Dance chart." And they proved to everyone in the crowd last night why they have been claimed to be one of EDM's hottest acts at the moment.

Below you can stream both Play Hard EP and Get Wet. Go watch their new video for their song with Nicky Romero, "Legacy" and check out their tour dates and see if they'll be in your area soon.