Interview with Capsula's Coni Duchess
Bilbao-Based, Genre-Defying Rockers Capsula launch US Tour on November 8th

Capsula, originally based in Buenos Aires has since relocated to Bilbao, Spain and recently released Solar Secrets, an album produced by Tony Visconti, who famously collaborated with David Bowie. Interestingly enough, Capsula's moniker derives from Bowie's track, "Space Oddity". ("Capsula" being "capsule" in Spanish). 

With Solar Secrets, Capsula continues its musical exploration of vastly different genres, all at once creating a vintage feel while appealing to a modern sensability. Joonbug was lucky to interview band member Coni Duchess about the new album and upcoming US tour.

 Your tour kicks off soon, with a stop at Chicago's Lincoln Hall on November 13th. Are there any cities you look forward to playing?

The last time we played in Chicago, we played at the Decibelle Festival. It was huge party! It's an arts and cinema music festival. I have really great memories from that night, so it will be exciting to play Chicago again!

What was it like working with Tony Visconti?

 It was amazing! It was so fast! We found out he was interested and excited about working with us. We went to work with him a few weeks later, started working together. We worked and he liked what we were all about. It blew my mind because it's not only about meeting a your musical hero, but it's also about working and crafting togther and sharing ideas. It's about the state of mind when you are creating things. It was something I never dreamt would happen, never in my life especially the moment when I heard the production come together. As a child in Buenos Aires when I listened to "We Could Be Heroes", I had a feeling. I can't believe I got from there to here; working with someone like Tony. 

 The new record, Solar Secrets, is a melding of many different musical sensibilities and influences. What was the major creative spark for this album?

 When we listen to our own record, it's clear that we don't really belong to any movement or scene because we don't sound exactly like one thing in particular. All of our career has been like this...taking elements, periods of time, different sounds, different records; from the past, from we don't know where, new expeirences and tying it all together. This has been someting that has played against us because we can't be inside the hype of a certain movement, but it has created a very particular history of the band that we're proud of. 

How has relocating from Buenos Aires to Bilbao affected your music?

It's crazy because now we feel like the period that we were living in Buenos Aires, it was like another life. It was a gift; it gave us a point of view of seeing the world from South America. It gives you an idea very different from any other part of the world. Buenos Aires is very urban, very influenced by writers, also has a very '60s feel...it's a big city with a lot of culture.

So when we moved to Bilbao, compared to Buenos Aires it's a very small town, but it's a very rock and roll city with a lot of bars; a lot of life in bars. In Bilbao people drink a lot, there's a lof life there. Buenos Aires was the very big urban city and Bilbao is life of the party. Both things influence us in some strange way to make music the way we do.

Your live shows get rave reviews. For someone who hasn't been...in a sentence or two, describe what a Capsula show is like.

 It's very difficult to put it in a sentence...we really like our live shows. Every second, every  beat, every sound is a way to communicate and connect with the audience. It's something we try to be cooler, more relaxed about, but we just can't! There's so much energy, it's a very excitng life. I cannot express ... I don't see it from outside, so it's hard to explain.

Tell us more about the tour.

 We're playing with Os Mutantes. What we learn from them is about trying to capture that timeless essence. When they made those records at the end of the '60s, they sounded like the future, It's incredible to be sharing the road with them.