Interview: The KickDrums
Creator Alex Fitts opens up about the Cleveland scene, dream collaborations, and more

Need some new music to obsess over? Try recently signed, The KickDrums, vision of producer/singer/songwriter Alex Fitts.  It offers a sublime mixture of genres ranging from indie dream-pop to trip-hop. The Kickdrums recently released album off Hopeless RecordsThinking Out Loud, has been generating some seriously decent buzz. We at Joonbug got the word, and were able to speak with mastermind Fitts for an update of The KickDrums on the Cleveland scene, pressed him for his dream collaborations, and more:

How did you come up with your name?

It was originally the Chemical Kickdrums which came from somebody cracking a joke in the studio years ago. Then it got chopped down to just "KickDrums" once we started placing some tracks. Just liked the sound of that better.

How would you describe your sound?

It's a combination of a few different types of music I'm into. Like, indie rock, electronic music, and hip hop beats. Plus bits of singer/singer writer stuff when it comes the the vocals.

What are your biggest musical influences?

Mostly bands from the nineties like Nirvana, The Beastie boys, The Flaming Lips, Three-6 Mafia, Outkast, & Radiohead but I love just about everything. Even country.

How do you think being immersed in the Cleveland scene has shaped your musical style?

Cleveland is a pretty diverse place to grow up. Being in the middle of the country we were exposed to all types of music. Everybody seemed to like everything. It wasn't weird to listen to a hardcore band like Vision of Disorder but also love A Tribe Called Quest. So that's where the idea of combining your favorite styles/genres into a new sound was born.

You touch on countless genres in your tracks – what is your personal favorite?

Its really hard to choose but if i was stranded on a island and given only one genre I'd probably go with indie/alt rock.

If you could tour with anyone, dead or alive, who would it be?

The Beastie Boys or Beck.

Who would be your dream collaboration?

Andre 3000, Karen 0, or Emily Haines.

What’s next for The KickDrums?

Doing shows and working on stuff like new videos, remixes etc. Also collabing with other people on their upcoming records. I've been kinda stashing demos away for the next album as well. Gonna circle back around and maybe finish some of them soon.