Event Review: Steve Aoki @ Pier 94 11/2
Aoki throws the second night of his 'Aokify America' party at NYC's Pier 94

The legends were in the building Saturday night, as superstar DJ, Steve Aoki, held the second NYC spot date night of his ‘Aokify America Tour’ at New York City’s Pier 94. The huge venue was filled with ravers, EDM fans, as well as fans of hip-hop/RnB, as Aoki brought along special guests Rune RK as the show’s opener, along with rapper Waka Flocka Flame, Borgore, and music legend Pharell Williams, each having their own dedicated set. The scene was a jovial, yet hectic one, with the large volume of sweaty bodies fighting to get a good spot to witness what may be one of the most entertaining music experiences currently running. 

There is no real way to properly describe the ‘Aokify America’ experience. From getting large cakes getting thrown at you, to being smushed between profusely sweating strangers, it is something you have to experience for life experiences sake. The joy on people’s faces while jumping around to Waka’s ‘wild boy’ rap, to the bass pounding jams from Borgore, to the smooth sailings of Pharell, and of course the king himself, Steve Aoki conducting the crazy festivities, it was a scene of pure bliss and madness. 

The ‘Aokify America Tour’ has a core of music, but everything else that goes on during the show enhances the overall ‘concert,’ and creates the unforgettable experience. The show had ‘crowd rafting,’ smoke-gun robots, pole dancers, and dancers on stilts... this is clearly more than just a music show.

You may end up soaked, sticky from cake frosting, and achy from dancing so much, but the ‘Aokify America Tour’ is an absolutely mesmerizing experience that any fan of Aoki, EDM, or anyone looking for a crazy and fun night should experience at least once.

Check out tour dates here, and see if the Aokify America Tour is coming to your city.