Event Review: Krewella, Seven Lions, and Candyland
Show 11/2 @ Echostage (plus some words on the Get Wet Tour from Seven Lions)

Photo courtesy of Doug Van Sant Photography. In addition to being a DJ-photographer, he is also the official photographer for Echostage in Washington, DC, as well as for EDC NY and Electric Zoo. Past clients include: Gareth EmeryCosmic GateEmma HewittMarkus Schulz, and many others. To see more of Doug's work, check out his website.

It was only several days ago that Krewella made history, serving as the first electronic music group to ever perform on a major national morning show (Good Morning America)Success is clearly coming fast for the Chicago-trio who returned to DC and Echostage on Saturday, this time in support of their debut album release, Get Wet. 

Rarely ever do supporting acts garner as much attention as the headliner, but we must first give credit to both Candyland and Seven Lions, who did an outstanding job maximizing the energy level at a sold-out show. What tends to happen is that only the truly dedicated fans arrive by the time doors open, while the main rush of concertgoers pour in between 11pm and 12am. Not last weekend. Echostage was packed to the brim by 10:30pm, just before Candyland took to the DJ booth. The Santa Barbara duo laid the groundwork for the evening, and believe it or not, they raised the bar high with their dynamic, adrenaline-rushing set. Josie’s afro plunged back and forth while Ethan stood next to her, both hands raised in the air. They dropped a mashup of “Sandstorm” and “Feel So Close,” “Get Low,” “Rollup,” and “Booyah (Party Favor’s ‘Festival Trap’ Remix).” The dominance of dirty trap beats with a hint of rap was one of the most entertaining ways to start off a great night, in preparation for the next act of the night—Seven Lions.

It is also unusual for supporters to have extensive visuals within their sets, and although Candyland and Seven Lions didn't use the volcano setup, the LED wall behind them displayed a fair amount of intense lighting and special effects. When Jeff Montalvo, also of Santa Barbara, entered the stage, our ears were transported through a more sensual set filled with his signature, trancestep sound. “All the shows have been sold out, but it started really strong in Texas, and then heading to the east coast,” Jeff told us. “It mellowed out up towards Canada and especially in the middle of the US, things chilled out. Then you get back to the coast and it’s so f*cking good to be back to reality.” If you haven’t yet heard any of Seven Lions’ remixes, we recommend taking a listen to his Soundcloud before reading any further. His uplifting dubstep, often meshed with trance, makes for an even better pairing than peanut butter and jelly, and that’s a difficult concept to achieve. He delivered tracks like “The Code" and “Like Home,” but we also received an appropriate dose of original Seven Lions productions including: “Strangers," "Truth," and Fractals." “DC is definitely on point. And you can see by the roster they have, what they do, what shows they are putting up. I can go to bed happy tonight. I’m going to be happy drunk, not depressed drunk."

Up until last weekend, Krewella’s massive crystal volcano was purely something we’d only read about, or seen in photos. The structure, composed of mirrors and LED lights, filled the entire stage while the DJ booth was raised so high above the crowd that a staircase was necessary. One of the perks of the Chicago-bred group’s performance was the refreshing “concert” feel that we don’t often receive. Jahan and Yasmine spent a good amount of their set at the foot of the stage, singing their tracks live such as “Live For the Night,” “Lights & Thunder,” and “We Go Down.” Meanwhile, Rain Man dominated the turntables, which were propped directly above one of their three volcanoes. The interaction between the two sisters and the crowd was stronger than anything we’ve experienced at Echostage in the past; their vigor was infectious and the fact that they were jumping on stage, banging their heads, made fans want to do the same.

Krew’s passion for hardstyle came out of hiding the other night as much of their set focused on the emerging genre. Although overwhelming at times, the group had a strong sense of when to tone it down, particularly when they delivered Cascada’s timeless single, “Everytime We Touch," a special edit of The Killers' "Somebody Told Me," and of course their breakthrough hit, “Alive.” From stellar supporting acts to the electrifying interaction between the artists and the fans, Krewella's "Get Wet Live" show couldn’t have been a sweatier, more successful night.