Interview: Tauk
On their roots, festival life, and more
People say that talk is cheap. Tauk is also one killer rock band. The NYC-based foursome has generated chatter after performing at Bonnaroo and Hangout Fest, as well as after opening for greats Robert Randolph, 311, and Perpetual Groove.  Playing the jazz-funk-soul-progressive-fusion rock band genre for over ten years, and challenging the norms of commercial music, Tauk has successfully created its own vibe. Joonbug spoke with bassist Charlie Dolan about Tauk’s roots, festival life, and more:

How did you all get your start?

Matt (guitar), AC (Keyboards) and I started playing music together in 7th grade. We put some Hendrix and Who songs together and played the talent show, we haven't really stopped since then. From there we played together throughout High School and College with the band taking on different formations but the three of us always kept it together. About 2 years ago, Isaac (drums) joined the band and we have been going full force since then.

How has your music changed since you formed?

A lot of things have changed. The type of music we have played has always been affected by what we were listening to at the time. So our middle school days was full of classic rock, like the bands I mentioned before. In high school we started listing to a lot of bands like Phish and Dave Matthews and that led to us listening to groups like The Headhunters, Return to Forever and John Scofield. From that point we all went to different colleges and branched out, each of us studying music. Every time we would get back together we would have something new to share and learn about from each other.

Did you set out to incorporate so many different genres in your music, or did it come about naturally?

It was definitely a natural progression. At first we started simple, but as each of us grew into our own we were able to incorporate different genres and feels into our sound. We created a foundation when we first started out and we have been building on that since.

Do you prefer small venue shows or large festivals? Why?

It's hard to say. The large festival experience is amazing as an artist. We get to meet and see some of the acts that have influenced us for years as well as bands that we have yet to discover. But at the same time you can get lost in fray as a smaller band. To me there nothing like playing a small venue packed with enthusiastic fans who know and love your music.

What should people expect when they come to a Tauk show?

A high energy musical journey that you can dance to or just sit, listen and enjoy the experience.

What has been your craziest concert experience?

One of the crazier sets we have played was at Domefest from 4am to sunrise. We still have people coming up to us talking about that set. That set alone has given us a lot of momentum through the south, just by word of mouth.

If you could collaborate with anyone, who would it be?

I would love to collaborate with Cedric from The Mars Volta or Thom Yorke from Radiohead.

What's next for Tauk?

We have a bunch of new recorded tracks that we will release before the end of the year. Besides that we will continue to tour religiously and work on new music!